I'm Happy to Wake up and Go to Work Thanks to TERRA Staffing

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 28, 2014

TERRA’s Tacoma Staffing Manager, Barb Van Meter, kicked off her week by receiving an email from a very happy Olivia Darnell, a candidate whom her office had recently placed in a full-time position.

“This is honestly the first time in my life where I am truly happy to wake up and go to work. I love knowing that my time and energy is reciprocated with appreciation and learning opportunities. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity…” the email began.

Olivia poses with members of the Tacoma team (L-R: Tabitha, Barb, Olivia, and Teresa)
Olivia poses with members of the Tacoma team (L-R: Tabitha, Barb, Olivia, and Teresa)

Her success story is special because it didn’t start with TERRA finding her a direct placement right away. Olivia was a recent WSU graduate whose Google search led her to TERRA. Her hope was that we’d be able to find her a job. Ideally, one with growth potential and that would enable her to expand her skill set.

She first interviewed with Tacoma Recruiting Coordinator, Teresa McGowan, and Teresa couldn’t stop raving about her and her qualifications to the recruiters on her team. Barb listened and placed Olivia in a temporary position with a new client. “She knocked their socks off!” Barb exclaimed. The Tacoma office continued to place Olivia in temporary positions until Tabitha Delaire, another Tacoma recruiter, was finally able to find her a permanent opportunity with one of their favorite clients.

Olivia didn’t expect that TERRA would do such a good job helping her find what she was looking for. “It was a lot better than I anticipated,” Olivia said. “We communicated well and I was assigned to amazing clients, who helped me grow professionally.” She added, “This has been absolutely the most amazing experience ever. I was given a window of opportunity and I have grown so much. Thank you all for helping me find the best fit. I couldn’t be happier. “

This is the reason everyone here at TERRA comes to work. It’s not all about a paycheck. We love what we do, and we’re great at what we do, because we all have a very genuine desire to help others become successful.

“It is truly warming to know that all of you appreciate my hard work and dedication. I am very proud to be working for TERRA Staffing and I’ve enjoyed working for all of the clients that you’ve assigned me to.

Thank YOU, Olivia, for letting us play a part in your story! Barb, Teresa, Tabitha, and all of us here at TERRA are overjoyed at your success. “Success Stories Created Daily” is more than just a clever company slogan to us. It’s our Monday, and EVERY DAY, motivation.

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