What Can You Do to Better Locate “Hard-to-Find” Talent?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 24, 2018

Question marks - how to find top talentTop talent is hard to find, especially in the most rapidly-growing careers and industries.

But settling for mediocre talent can do more harm than good.

If you’ve searched for top talent to fill certain positions without success, consider working with a staffing partner. They can improve your results.

Here’s how a staffing firm can help with your search for talent:

1. They can introduce you to talent you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Staffing firms specialize in building and maintaining relationships. If you have a position that’s hard to fill, chances are good your staffing partner knows at least one candidate who offers an excellent fit.

Staffing firms also specialize in keeping track of “passive” candidates. These candidates are typically doing outstanding work for another employer, but they’re willing to consider a job change if the circumstances are a better fit. By working with a recruiter, you gain an immediate introduction to these passive candidates, allowing you to communicate the ways in which you offer exactly what they want.

2. They can help you build a strong employment brand.

Candidates in hard-to-fill positions and fields typically have the advantage. They may be fielding several job offers, and they know they can afford to focus on choosing the workplace culture that they want, rather than taking the first job available.

While a candidate’s market can feel like a liability, employers with a strong employment brand can turn it into an asset. Work with your staffing partner to identify the core cultural strengths and values your organization offers and to communicate these throughout your hiring process. Talent who offer a great fit will be attracted by the strong employment brand message, and those that don’t will look elsewhere.

3. They can keep you and your candidates on track.

Candidates in highly competitive fields are more likely than others to walk away from a slow, stalled or confusing hiring process. Your staffing partner can help you shorten time to hire without sacrificing quality, so you keep top candidates engaged and increase the chances that your preferred pick will accept a job offer.

How TERRA Can Help

At TERRA Staffing Group, we specialize in helping our clients find outstanding candidates for every job opening, including the ones that are tough to fill.

Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Phoenix, Portland and Seattle.

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