How HR Leaders Can Help Drive Excellence Around Recruitment

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on February 3, 2023

HR leader in meeting with teamThough experts are predicting a more “normalized” market, hiring is not expected to get easier.

Job openings are still at historic highs, workforce participation remains low, and unemployment is only predicted to rise slightly.

But employers who are being smart and strategic in these uncertain times can find great opportunities.

And HR leaders are in prime position to help their organizations win.

Below we share how HR can be a catalyst for increased competence and drive excellence around recruitment.

Ways HR Can Help Rev Up the “Talent Machine”

Make Talent Part of Everyone’s Job

Recruitment has historically been a key function of HR. But that doesn’t mean it should belong solely to HR.

Talent should be everyone’s job.

Own those things where you bring unique value and subject-matter expertise, such as strategy and process.

Help drive engagement across the organization. Allow people to be part of solving their own problems. Provide tools that help others do their jobs with more excellence.

Not only is this a great way to increase accountability, it’s also how an organization grows talent champions in the workplace.

Strengthen Leader and Manager Effectiveness

Empower your leaders to source and land talent.

Review your organization’s existing hiring process and timeline to ensure it’s clearly-defined. Optimize as needed, in order to improve hiring and speed of hire, and communicate best practices to your managers. Leverage your unique knowledge and utilize data to create tools and trainings that will help your leaders think strategically about hiring and their role in it.

Research shows that a big part of a candidate’s decision-making process involves their evaluation of their potential new boss. Make sure hiring managers understand how to not just vet candidates but to sell themselves to a potential new hire.

By ensuring your managers are fully trained on effective interviewing techniques and how to sell the company’s employment value proposition, you’re not only fueling your company’s recruitment machine, you’re helping to increase competency in your company leaders.

Don’t Waste Time Being Surprised by Turnover

HR leaders spend a lot of time and energy examining and improving employee turnover rates.

Given how disruptive (and sometimes painful) turnover can be to an organization—especially in recent years—it makes sense.

However, turnover is a natural part of business. Don’t spend time being caught off-guard or getting emotional about it. Remember, not all turnover is bad.

Instead, focus on collecting data. Seek to understand why people might be leaving an organization. Find opportunities to make improvements. And be ready to replace.

Avoid Leaving Talent on the Table

Often times employers look outside of the organization for talent, when they should be looking inward.

This is a key opportunity for HR to leverage their unique perspective and help employers think more broadly when sourcing talent.  Look across the organization to find opportunities for internal mobility.

Who is ready for a new opportunity, a bigger role or a stretch assignment?

Look to see who is raising their hand for a promotion, and be mindful of who isn’t but maybe should be part of a conversation about internal mobility and opportunities. Some people may need help amplifying their voice.

Evaluate and improve existing hiring policies, ask questions, challenge assumptions, and remove meaningless barriers—like unnecessary degree requirements—that could be hindering hiring and hurting your organization.

Not only can HR really help drive sustainable DEI initiatives, like inclusive hiring, they can help ensure that employers are not leaving talent on the table.

Stay On Top of Your Employment Value Proposition

A strong employment value proposition is not only vital for hiring and branding, it’s also crucial for engagement and retention.

HR can really own and help drive this throughout the organization by making the employment value proposition more visible and tangible.

What differentiates you from your competition? What companies or industries do you lose people to?

Look at who is staying and understand why they are staying. How can you double-down on what they value most?

Being able to clearly define what makes your organization a great place to work and effectively communicating that to both potential candidates and your existing workforce will help you attract talent and reduce turnover.

By providing your organization with tools, resources and best practices, you are empowering everyone in the company to do their jobs with excellence.

And it goes beyond recruitment.

If you’d like to learn more ways you can support your organization, check out TERRA’s recent HR HotSpot webcast: The Great Reset: What Every Organization Needs from HR Now.

Jenifer Lambert, TERRA’s Chief Strategy Officer, shares:

  • tips for building company culture
  • ways you can infuse your leadership with HR best practices
  • insight into the mind of Gen Z
  • how you can gain their commitment and engagement, and recruiting winning moves

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to HR to lead the way on talent initiatives. In any market, the company with the best talent wins and HR can play a key role in aligning the right resources, deploying the right strategies and empowering the organization to win.

If you’re looking for a staffing partner who can bring the right solutions to fit your organization, we’re here to help. Contact TERRA Staffing Group today to start a conversation.

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