To Adopt or Ignore? Understanding the Newest Trends in Management

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 16, 2016

trends-imageManagers frequently find they have too much work and not enough time. The latest management “trends” can sound like easy ways to work more efficiently – but are they worth the effort it takes to implement them?

Here, we’ll look at three of the biggest management trends today, weigh the pros and cons and help you see how these trends can affect your recruiting, retention and leadership strategies.

Working Remotely

The internet has made it possible for managers nationwide to tackle a wide range of tasks without ever setting foot in the office. You and your team can work nearly anywhere in the world – but should you?

Pros:  Geography no longer matters when building the best team. Often, workers work harder, since they cannot rely on “busy work” or “looking occupied” to communicate they are in fact working. Work-life balance becomes easier to maintain – and a big sell for candidates.

Cons:  Building camaraderie can take longer when workers aren’t in a shared space. Asynchronous work may lead to missed deadlines if not carefully planned. Tech problems can hinder a team.

Deviating from the 9 to 5

The standard workday has been with us since the Industrial Revolution. Now, in the tech age, it’s easier than ever to change.

Pros: Continue to offer solid work-life balance while still getting tasks completed. Scheduling carefully ensures you always have people on-site when you need them. Allow key people to work when they produce their best results.

Cons: Coordinating the entire team is more difficult, and certain people may not see each other very often. Lack of “overlap” between management and employee times can result in questions or issues going unaddressed.

Encouraging Independence from Employees

Managers want employees to be self-directed and work independently – but not all managers know how to balance independence with performance.

Pros: Frees up managers to work on their own key tasks, focus on recruiting and retention, and take on other tasks. It also sharpens managers’ own delegation skills.

Cons: Independence can increase stress if employees don’t feel adequately supported, and increase mistakes if employees don’t have the training or feedback they need.

When managers are open to new techniques and practices, not only will they benefit but their staff will as well. As new tactics emerge, evaluate the trends and consider how your company and team could benefit from them. Frequently evaluate your management practices (both trends and older habits) to ensure they are meeting your expectations. Make adjustments as needed and learn from your experiences.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters can help you understand how management trends affect your work and make smarter choices about the trends you’ll adopt, modify or ignore altogether, so you can find and keep the best people. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in the Pacific Northwest and Phoenix, AZ.

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