I Love My Job and Feel Like Myself Again — Thanks, TERRA!

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on December 15, 2021

Image of Brenton Wheeldon, TERRA Success Story, who was placed in a job that makes him happy

This story is about the pursuit of happiness and finding fulfillment and purpose at work. It’s about perseverance and how someone can climb out from an unhappy place to find joy again. 

This is Brenton Wheeldon’s story.

We’ll let him tell it.

I worked for an event-planning corporation. It was everything to me. The company was incredible, the people were amazing. And I loved the industry as well.

I was constantly growing and being promoted. Within a few months of starting there, I was leading a pretty large team and running high-profile events.

Not to mention, I was in a great place financially and was making a lot of money — doing all the things I wanted to do and going to all the places I wanted to go. 

I loved my work and I felt good about myself. I was happy.

Then, COVID-19 hit and everything came crashing down. My company wasn’t able to plan any events anymore.

Just like that, I lost my job. 

It was a horrific fall. Not only did I lose a position I loved, I lost my income. I felt like I was suddenly left with nothing.  

Thankfully, I was still financially secure. So, instead of having to struggle to make a living, I spent the next eight months getting some rest and rebooting. 

When I was ready to work again, I found a temp agency to help support me in my search. 

I worked a few assignments with them but nothing really stood out to me. The jobs felt pretty mediocre. 

After a while, I got really frustrated. I kept getting assignments that felt like dead ends. I had enough. So, I quit. 

I was tough on myself at that point, since I wasn’t in the place I thought I should be. I think that people often forget that no one is going to be more disappointed in you than you. 

But I didn’t let the disappointment paralyze me. I picked myself up and decided to believe in myself. I had to trust that I could get to a place I was happy with. 

So, I searched for a new staffing agency and found TERRA’s Tukwila branch. Instantly, everything was different. TERRA had a really special, warm and inviting culture. I spoke to Ashley and she was just incredible! Her service, her attitude and what she had to offer instantly blew me away. 

After we talked a little, she told me about a company that makes high-end coffee machines. I’d never worked for a coffee company before, but I do enjoy it relentlessly. It’s my guilty pleasure. This opportunity intrigued me. 

That’s when everything turned around. Ashley set up an interview with the employer and it went really well. They offered me a position on the spot! It was surreal! I went from feeling uninspired and leaving a job on Wednesday to having an offer on Thursday.

Not only that, this company turned out to be the perfect fit. There’s so much room for growth. I started as a driver and have gone a long way since. During my free time, I helped out in other departments and learned as much as I possibly could.

So, I put myself out there. Within the first month, I was working in three different areas. I had also identified which part of the company I wanted to grow with. My ultimate goal was to run the Fit and Finish department.

And after a few months, I got the promotion I wanted! Now I’m running my own department and I absolutely love it! I get to move around and participate all over the warehouse, whether it’s doing something myself or helping someone else. I’m in contact with people all day and I get to problem-solve. 

My quality of life has improved exponentially as well. And it’s not even related to money. I just feel so much more fulfilled now that I have a sense of purpose again. I have an opportunity to create longevity with a company that I love and get to work somewhere I actually enjoy, with people I like being around. 

My colleagues make me happy. The job makes me happy. It makes all the difference.

If anybody is in a situation similar to the one I was in, remember that it’s never too late to take action! It might sound cliché but it rings true to me.

Whether you want to go back to school, find a new job or change careers, put yourself out there. Be willing to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is not a bad thing. 

I’m so thankful for the impact that TERRA and Ashley had on me. I feel amazing! I feel like myself again! And I love what I do. None of that would’ve been possible without TERRA or Ashley. So cheers to them and to new beginnings! 

Brenton, your perseverance in a challenging situation and watching you grow and succeed make you and your story truly inspiring.

Congratulations and thank you for letting us play a part in your story!

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