I Turned a Temp Job into a Career by Not Being Afraid to Take Initiative

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 16, 2018

Michael Wenhold worked for 12 years as a hired musician. While fun, he was at a point in his life where he needed something more fulfilling and stable.

“I needed long-term goals. I wanted to work with a company that was going to be around, you know? I wanted a steady paycheck – a career,” he shared.

With that thought in mind, Michael made the transition from musician to prep cook. Being that he thrives in busy environments and enjoys cooking, he thought this would be a great fit for him.

Despite being successful, and even getting promoted, the job wasn’t right for him.

“I wanted something that would challenge me, push me and help me grow,” said Michael. “I wanted a job that was hands-on, high-stress and fast-paced. A job that would offer a set schedule, solid pay and good hours. A job that would allow me to use the skills I’ve been developing throughout my career.”

And if the job was right, he was willing to start from the bottom and work his way up.

“I was willing to humble myself,” Michael stated. “I knew I could prove my worth.”

He began looking for a new job and an online search led him to TERRA, a top temp agency in Mesa.

Having had success working with staffing agencies in the past, Michael felt confident that a temp agency would be able to help him get his foot in the door of a great warehouse or production company – his ideal job.

He met with Mesa Branch Manager, Rebecca Polcyn, who had a temporary opportunity with a well-known beverage production company.

The fact that it was a temporary assignment didn’t even faze Michael.

He said, “I was driven to succeed. I went in knowing I was going to be hired, that I would be promoted.”

He was right.

According to Rebecca, “The client was so thrilled with him that they decided to keep him on after the project ended! They love that he is a fast-learner and very organized. They think he is a great person to be around.”

Wait, there’s more! Michael’s not only been hired on by the company on a full-time, regular basis, he has also been promoted to a lead role!

He loves the work he is doing and the company he works for.

Michael said, “This job allows me to think critically and use my previous skills. I am in a role where I can offer my opinion. I can use my knowledge and they allow me to lead and bring my ideas to the table.  I feel valued. I believe that they are grateful to have me.  And I believe that I can help change the company for the better. I am happy I found an opportunity that allows me to grow – with a company that is growing. A company with a vision.”

Regarding his experience with TERRA, he shared, “TERRA has had a good impact on me. They check in on me to see how I am doing. They make employees feel valued. I always tell people about TERRA.”

He also had this advice for any job seekers who are hesitant about accepting temporary assignments:

“Yes, it can be scary being a temp. You think about when the job is going to end. But you can’t go into a job thinking that way.

It’s all about dedication and determination. Prove yourself.

Sometimes temps will just hide out with other temps. They only do what they’re told.

Don’t be afraid to take initiative. Stand out from the rest and secure that position.

Show up early.  Show that you’re there to work. Put away your distractions. Stay active. Find out how the company works. Ask questions. Ask if you can help. Even if the shift is over, ask, ‘do you need anything else?’ Go the extra mile.

Go out of your way to get the job.”

Great advice, Michael – and great work turning a short-term project into what looks to be a very promising career!

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