I Was Getting Discouraged in My Job Search But TERRA Worked With Me to Find the Right Fit

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 28, 2015

Have you ever felt so sure about something only to have it fall through?

Most of us have.

But what do you do when that happens? Do you lose hope? Or keep pushing forward?

Today we would like to share the story of Bernadette Wilson who was searching for a job where she could not only grow professionally, but where she could be happy.

An internet search led her to TERRA Staffing Group and not long after her initial meeting she was sent out to interview with a client for a direct placement opportunity.

Three interviews later and she was the top finalist for the position!

But it was not meant to be. Though the client loved her and wanted to hire her, a hiring freeze was put into effect at the organization.

Lance Fischbach, Tukwila Branch Manager, presented her to another client.

Two interviews later, the client wanted to hire her and…another job put on hold!

But Bernadette didn’t give up. And neither did Lance Fischbach.

She interviewed with a THIRD client and they also loved her. But they ended up hiring an internal employee for the position.

It almost seemed like the universe was playing a terrible joke. To be the top finalist three times only to have things not work out.

Two weeks later, the third client she had interviewed with called Lance asking if Bernadette was still available.

Apparently the client had so much work that needed to get done that they created another role – and they wanted HER!

Lance said, “The great fortitude, the strength that Bernadette demonstrated during this time, despite all she went through, was incredible.” He added, “She and I keep in touch regularly. She’s doing an awesome job out there and they are giving her more and more responsibility every day.”

The road to success isn’t always a straight line, but we are so happy with how things turned out for Bernadette!

Want to hear about her experience working with TERRA? Read on and hear about it from Bernadette herself!

First, tell us a little about you and your background.

I have a lot of experience in Accounts Payable, HR Coordination, Payroll, Administrative Support, Data Entry, Collections, and Accounts Receivable.

How did you hear about TERRA?

From a website.

How did your experience with TERRA compare to what you expected or experienced from other staffing firms?

No comparison. Most of the other staffing firms that I worked for would send me out on temporary jobs and I was not happy with some of the jobs that I was placed in, due to how the companies would treat their temporary employees. I’m very happy with the job TERRA placed me in. I really like working here and am so glad that TERRA Staffing Group placed me in a job that makes me happy and allows me to advance my career.

Is there anyone specifically at TERRA you would like to thank?

Lance Fischbach. He worked so hard on getting me this position I am currently in. I really appreciate all he did and how informative he was about the job.

What else would you like us to know?

It’s a pleasure working for TERRA Staffing Group!

Thank you for sharing your story, Bernadette!

Looking for a job? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert recruiting team at TERRA Staffing Group.

We can help you find the Right Fit™!

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