I Wish I Had Worked with TERRA Years Ago

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 17, 2016

We're glad that we we were able to help Ray find a job he loves.
We’re glad that we we were able to help Ray find a job he loves.

Ray Goddard knew all about staffing firms. He had tried them all – except TERRA.

One day, he applied online with TERRA’s Tacoma office.

Ray felt welcome right away. He was even sent to work immediately, which was great. But, to him, it wasn’t just about getting work fast.

It was about professionalism.It was about being placed in the best position to succeed. Ray had good longevity at his former jobs so he just needed the right fit.

When an on-the-job injury prevented Ray from being able to do his regular job, TERRA provided work he could do in the Tacoma branch while he recovered.

Teresa McGowan, Tacoma Staffing Specialist, noticed how he kept on task. He was very punctual. He was able to multi-task. He took direction well. He was personable. He took his light duty work seriously…

Teresa pulled Ray aside and asked him what kind of work he was really looking for.

All Ray wanted was an opportunity to work for a company that gave him the chance to be hired on for the long-term.

Teresa was confident in Ray’s ability to stay on task. She knew that he’d prove to the client that he would be an asset to their team. And she had a client in mind, one she knew was looking for someone like Ray. She placed him with an HVAC manufacturing company doing warehouse and production work.

The job was everything Ray had hoped for. They worked with his schedule to give him day shifts. It was even a good commute for Ray. He loved his new job from the start.

He called Teresa after his second day at work to tell her just how much he loved it there. He was extremely grateful and said it couldn’t be a better fit for him. He liked his new co-workers, his supervisors, the clean warehouse, and the company itself.

His new employer seemed to like Ray just as much. They really liked his work ethic and his punctuality. He was a great team player, too. Ray was flexible in being able to do whatever was needed at the job site.

The client wasted no time and hired Ray on as full-time, regular employee!

Teresa called Ray again after two weeks to follow-up with him. He said that he still loved it. He also said that in all of his years of working with staffing agencies this was by far the best assignment or job he had ever been given.

“I wish I would have tried out TERRA years earlier,” he told Teresa.

Ray already had the skills and the follow-through to be successful. All he needed was what so many people need on their job hunt: a little help.

And thanks to Teresa and the Tacoma team, Ray was finally given the chance he’d both earned and deserved.

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