Increase Your Company's Productivity Through an Employee Morale Boost

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 17, 2013

Low employee morale is responsible for a host of workplace ills, from poor cooperation and low productivity to increased turnover – all of which can cause a business to lose money and miss its goals.

Because employee morale heavily affects a workplace’s daily productivity, effective managers stay attuned to morale and give it a boost when necessary. Here are a few simple ways to improve employee morale and increase your company’s productivity:

Start an onboarding program.

Support employee morale from day one by implementing and using an onboarding program that welcomes new employees, makes them feel like part of the team, and gets them involved in real projects from day one. Assigning a mentor to a new employee can also help build relationships quickly and help new talent feel at home.

Celebrate company accomplishments as a group.

Employees who feel included in a company accomplishment throw themselves more passionately at achieving the next goal. Whenever your company completes a project or hits a milestone, celebrate the accomplishment inclusively, encouraging each employee to see the achievement as the result of a team effort.

Let employees pursue creative ideas or side projects.

Employees who have the occasional chance to follow up on a promising idea or side project are more likely to attend to the rest of their work with improved morale and productivity. Giving top performers the freedom to pursue outside projects may also pay off for your organization if the project succeeds or provides solutions toward your company’s own goals.

Offer innovative team building opportunities.

“Teambuilding” as a buzzword isn’t a new idea, but a weekend of obstacle courses may not be the best way to foster team spirit and employee morale. Consider offering employees the chances to work together on meaningful hobbies or projects outside the workplace, like teaming up to raise money for a charity or putting together a company softball team.

Sponsor innovative and educational opportunities for the team.

In addition to promoting more traditional team building, give your employees the chance to attend conferences, take classes, or spend time innovating together. Getting the chance to learn and create not only builds morale, but generates new ideas and energy that can push a stuck project forward.

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