The Insider’s Guide to Hiring Tech Talent in Seattle

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 5, 2015

The Seattle employment market is one of the world’s most competitive, especially when it comes to engineering and technology. Global giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Cray are among the dozens of cutting-edge enterprises headquartered in the region, while even companies like Starbucks are seeking tech workers. Robust Aerospace, Telecom and healthcare sectors further drive demand for people with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) degrees.

Technology jobs are among the best paying in the nation. According to PayScale, the median salary for a Software Development Engineer is $95,722, while a Senior Software Engineer can demand almost $115,000. Only the deep pockets of Silicon Valley can afford to pay more.

But with every company offering these competitive salaries, it takes more than a healthy salary to convince these coveted tech workers.

Offer A Challenge

The technology sector requires creativity and robust problem-solving skills, which can be at odds with the painstaking organizational, coding and debugging tasks many tech jobs require. Grab the attention of prospective new employees by offering the chance to work on something meaningful or high profile, use cutting-edge tools or solve a groundbreaking technical challenge.

Create A Positive Culture

Job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance are huge factors for in-demand employees. It’s the main reason why so many tech companies are listed among the country’s best places to work. Allowing employees to set their own schedules and use some of their time to work on projects they find interesting will reduce stress, increase satisfaction, and encourage innovation. Cultivate an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and support to ensure a harmonious work environment.

Contented employees will be more willing to recruit colleagues to this sort of culture, and referral bonuses will be even more effective. Similarly, building a reputation as a supportive employer will bring applicants to you, rather than requiring you to chase after them.

Think Outside The Box

Not every tech worker needs to have a master’s degree from Stanford or a doctorate from MIT to be a valuable asset. Cast a wider net by recruiting the brightest talents from smaller schools or two-year programs that give graduates a basic grounding in the field, and then offer training to help them develop the skills your company needs.

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