TERRA Helped Me Find a Stable Job so I Can Provide For My Son

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 21, 2021

Jamie Thomas, TERRA Success StoryFor several years, Jamie Thomas lived with her son in Florida and worked as an executive assistant at a marina.

While Jamie had a successful career, she was a single mother away from her support system, which wasn’t easy. She decided to relocate to Washington where she had family. 

However, as Jamie was the sole provider for her son and she did not want to uproot him without a job lined up. 

So she started searching for a Washington job while she was still in Florida. 

She explained, “I was looking for office management or executive assistant work. But the cherry on top would be to get something fully remote so I could spend more time with my son.” 

That being said, Jamie was realistic. While she would love to stay home with her son, she was willing to accept an in-person job as long as it allowed her to provide for her family. 

Unfortunately, despite her impressive experience and flexibility, Jamie kept hitting the same wall in her job search. Almost every employer she reached out to told her to contact them again when she got to Washington. 

“People kept telling me, ‘When you get out here, let us know.’ And as a single mom, that just wasn’t enough. I needed as much stability as possible for my family.” 

Slightly frustrated, she kept looking and hoping someone would give her a chance. And eventually she did get a job offer. It just wasn’t one she was particularly thrilled about. 

Jamie held out hope that she would find something better, but she could not afford to dismiss that opportunity without a good reason. She knew she would soon have to accept it if she didn’t find a better fit. 

Just in time, Jamie’s luck finally turned. She came across TERRA’s Kirkland branch through an online search and connected with recruiter Alexandria Grieble. 

They instantly formed a strong bond. 

Jamie exclaimed, “Alex was incredible, kind, genuine, and really honest. She came out of nowhere and became the calm in my storm of job-hunting anxiety. She answered all my questions, even when I asked them twice. I ended up leaning on her quite a bit and putting my faith in TERRA. She was my rock throughout this process. 

“Alex was also able to relate to the fact that I wanted to be home with my son and helped me find what I needed.” 

And it turns out that Alex had an Executive Assistant position she thought Jamie might be perfect for. 

Unfortunately, while Alex was sure that Jamie would be a great fit for the position, her client had some concerns about hiring an out-of-state candidate. 

Jamie recalled, “The company she was recruiting for was trying to figure out their hiring process. Eventually, I had to make a decision. I wanted this job but I had a concrete offer from another company. And if they took too long, I would have to take the other one.” 

So Jamie communicated her situation with Alex, and once more, trusted her to vouch for her.  Alex did everything she could to show her client that Jamie was the perfect person for the job. 

And eventually, they agreed! 

Jamie remembered, “Alex really advocated for me. She carefully nudged them and they hired me on. I was so over the moon! She added, “It felt serendipitous. This job was so perfect for me. It’s not something I was ever expecting to find. My family is eternally grateful!”

Unsurprisingly, Jamie’s new employers are thrilled with her! They love her willingness to go above and beyond and appreciate how committed to helping she is! 

And not only is her job going great, her life in Washington has continued to come together since she started.

“After I got this job, I got approved for my new apartment. I’m in a great spot right now where I’m able to financially afford the things I need. I’m also loving the fact that I can have my son with me. Even if I can’t give him undivided attention throughout the day, I’m more visible to him than I ever was before. I get to make him lunch every day. And I can start household tasks during the day so, come 5pm, I can go and play with him rather than focus on everything that still needs to be done.”

Here’s Jamie’s advice to people looking for a change: 

“Do it yesterday! If you need a change, go for it. And if you’re looking for work, especially now, do it. And reach out to TERRA for help. They were a real big advocate for pivoting for me.” 

Congratulations Jamie! We’re thrilled we could help you find the perfect job for you!

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