TERRA Helped Me Find a Job Where I Can Be Myself

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on December 29, 2022

Photo of Linda GuyLinda Guy worked for three years as a Material Handler at a medical company, and over time she found the work to be tedious. Her job required a lot of documentation, signatures and other rigid protocol. And she realized this wasn’t going to gel with her bubbly, laid-back personality.

To make matters worse, she learned that another team received a pay raise–and that her team wasn’t eligible for one. 

Understandably, that really bothered Linda and inspired her to start exploring other jobs. Having worked with TERRA’s Kirkland branch before, she applied for a Warehouse Expeditor position on TERRA’s job board

I’ve partnered with TERRA for years whenever I need extra hours around Christmas. They always set me up with something. So I knew I could count on them. 

Caitlin Bennett, Staffing Specialist, who was recruiting for that warehouse role, called Linda to talk about the opportunity and knew right away that this job was a great match for her. 

She recalled, “Linda likes to be active and was sitting at a desk at her current job. But this role would give her a good mix of desk and active work.”

So Caitlin set up an interview with the client, and that’s when Linda discovered how much she wanted this job. The environment was more casual, people spoke to one another, the work was simple and straightforward, she got along well with her interviewer…the list went on.

I felt totally comfortable talking with my interviewer. At one point, she said, ‘You know what, you’re telling me all the right answers.’ Then she gave me a tour, showed me the break room and how everything gets processed. I also found out that 19 people were interviewed before me, so I asked why they hadn’t hired anyone. Apparently, everyone else had a bad attitude. I was like, ‘How can you have a bad attitude here?!

Linda was left energized by her conversation and became eager to hear the client’s decision. Meanwhile, the client was just as enthusiastic about Linda. 

She received a job offer the next day!

I was ecstatic! This job was a blessing. My last role was on second shift. You don’t sleep right, you don’t eat right and there’s a lot of waiting around during the day just to go to work. This job is day shift, much simpler and only 12 minutes away.

The training is excellent. I have a little bit of computer work but I’m also on my feet. I like that because it helps me stay in shape. My coworkers are really positive and ask me how I’m doing. We meet our goals every day. There’s always something to do, which makes the time go by fast. It’s just great!

And this is how awesome this company is: I was supposed to start in two weeks, so I gave my employer notice. And then this new job realized they made a mistake because they actually needed me to start in three weeks—not two weeks. But they said it was their error, and paid me for that week anyway! It was nice to get a break before my first day.

Congratulations, Linda. We’re so glad you’ve found a job that you enjoy with an employer you love! We wish you continued success in your career. Thank you for partnering with, and trusting, TERRA!

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