I Struggled to Find Work in My Desired Industry, But TERRA Had My Back

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 3, 2020

Randall Hines, TERRA Success StoryIn 2016, Randall Hines moved to the Seattle area from Alaska, without a job lined up, and needed employment fast.

As is the case with most people who find themselves urgently looking for a new job out of necessity, Randall was more open and willing to accept work that he wouldn’t normally be interested in.

That’s why, despite his background being primarily in office and customer service settings, he began doing some temporary labor jobs through a local staffing agency. This helped him meet his needs and so was fine – for a while.

But, after a few months, Randall came to the realization that he was getting pigeonholed into labor positions.

“Construction and landscaping work were getting to be too much for me,” he shared.

Unfortunately, a year would pass before he found another, less physically-demanding role: working as a porter at a car dealership.

Though better than his previous labor roles, it still wasn’t close to what he wanted.

“In Alaska, I was managing finances and handling paperwork and records,” Randall recalled. “I wanted to work in an office setting again.”

He once again began looking for work and a friend suggested that he reach out to TERRA Staffing Group.

He interviewed with the Seattle branch office, but they didn’t have the right job for him at the time. Luckily, TERRA’s branch offices work together to help people find the right fit, and, a few days later, Randall received a call from Annie Mulholland, Kirkland Branch Manager.

One of her clients was seeking a customer service professional and she was confident this opportunity would make for a good fit for Randall.

“I could tell by just speaking to him on the phone that he had great energy and a real commitment to customer service,” Annie shared.

Randall, truth be told, wasn’t quite as convinced – or interested. “This position was a little too far of a commute and it was with a compost company…” he confessed. So, he declined the offer.

Despite this, Annie remained certain that both the job and the employer were a great match for Randall. When a similar job opening became available with the company shortly thereafter, she didn’t hesitate and reached out to Randall once again.

“Annie told me more about the role and encouraged me to at least check it out,” he stated. “So, I did some more research on the company and realized that it was actually a great foot-in-the-door position and a great way to get back into office work.”

He decided to interview with the employer and it went great.

Randall said, “Talking to the company, I realized it was exactly the type of opportunity I was looking for: long-term, with a lot of growth potential.”

This excited Randall and prompted him to accept the job offer. And guess what? He’s now in a lead role!

Randall is incredibly happy in his new job. He said:

“Working with this company, I’ve gained another family. Everyone knows and cares about each other.”

His employer is happy, too. “They told me that Randall is possibly the best fit they’ve ever had!” Annie exclaimed.

Looking for work? Here’s Randall’s advice:

“When you need a job, you need to use your resources. That’s why I always recommend staffing agencies.”

Congratulations on your success, Randall! You’re doing what you love and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for trusting us to help you find the right fit!

How TERRA Can Help You

Finding yourself doing work you don’t love? Contact us. We’d love to help you find the right fit.

TERRA has offices in many locations and our expert recruiting teams partner with employers across a variety of industries – one of them might be a great fit for you.

Let us help you create a success story of your very own!

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