TERRA Found Me a Job I’m Actually Excited About

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on February 9, 2021

Anthony Sedillo, TERRA Success Story, at a stable job he loves.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Anthony Sedillo suffered a terrible loss. He had no time to heal when he was suddenly hit with one more hardship. He was laid-off from his job. 

It takes an exceptionally strong person to keep moving forward in such hard times, and Anthony is one of those people. He never gave up hope and never stopped trying. 

Fueled by his positive attitude, he kept his head up and began looking for a steady job. His main goal: to support his family. 

While Anthony did find employment, the jobs were temporary and didn’t pay well.

“For a while, I was looking for work on my own and finding jobs that weren’t so great. They were hard jobs with very low pay. I was going in and out of employment and nothing was working out.” 

That’s when an online job search led Anthony to TERRA’s Mesa office. He connected with Recruiter Jillian Oertel. 

Although Anthony hadn’t been looking to partner with a staffing agency, he decided to give it a chance. He shared with Jillian that he was hoping for a well-paying job that was closer to home, and would allow him to use his warehouse experience. 

Jillian recalls, “Anthony was clear with what he was looking for and eager to make a good impression at a new company.” 

As luck would have it, it only took one day for Jillian to find him an opportunity as a Material Handler. 

Unsurprisingly, with Anthony’s great attitude and eagerness to work, he excelled at his new job. His employers were so impressed with him they quickly converted him into a full-time employee.

And Anthony loves his new job. His positivity shines through when he talks about it. 

“This is the best position I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is great, people are nice, and everyone works as a team so no one has to pick up the slack for anybody else. I also like driving the machines. They’re like big toys.

Life has gotten a lot easier, too. Especially because the job is so close to my house. So I can spend more time with my wife now. It also pays better than a lot of jobs I had before. I can help out my family, too.” 

Here’s Anthony’s advice to people who might be struggling to find stable employment: 

“Reach out to TERRA! They will help you. And work hard. You can’t get anything without hard work.”

Congratulations Anthony! We’re so happy we could help you find a job that offers you the stability you were looking for and allows you to both shine and be closer to your family!

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