TERRA Helped Me Earn Income While I Pursued My Career Dream

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 22, 2019

Zick Dieujuste was a successful psychologist in Haiti. He even had two degrees – one in psychology and one in communication.

He loved what he did.

But, Zick’s wife wanted to live in Arizona. So, after a lot of internal struggle, they decided to move.

“Sometimes love requires sacrifice,” he said.

Naturally, his goal was to return to his passion; psychology. But, unfortunately he learned that it wouldn’t be that easy.

After some research, Zick discovered that he would have to take some additional classes in order for him to practice psychology in the United States.

But going to school costs money and he needed a source of income.

“Getting a job was my first priority,” he said.

Eager to start working so he could return to what he loved, he did an online search for local staffing agencies. TERRA’s Mesa branch was nearby and Zick decided to reach out for job help.

He interviewed the following day with Branch Manager Rebecca Rolak.

Rebecca was filling a long-term, temporary order picker position. She thought Zick would a great fit.

She said, “Zick had just moved to the US from Haiti and was looking to start work right away. He had an impressive resume, but wasn’t able to find a job in his field. He was friendly and eager to start earning income for his family.”

Zick started working the next day!

“The client loves his positive attitude, high productivity and that he always has a smile on his face,” Rebecca shared.

Zick was happy to have found a job quickly, despite it not being in the field he loves.

“It’s not what I expected. I have two degrees, but I knew I had to be open and I knew I needed money in order to pursue my dream,” Zick said.

And we’re happy to share that Zick has been converted to a full-time, regular employee!

We asked Zick how he was able to turn a temporary position into something more.

He said, “People always make excuses, but I follow through 100%. I’m a quick learner — I knew nothing about my current role, but I learned to do it well. I do things with passion and I always do my best!”

He also had this advice for people searching for new opportunities:

“Stay positive. It may not be what you expect at the time, but it takes time to get what you want.”

Regarding his experience with TERRA, Zick said, “They really care about their people. I would recommend that if you’re looking for work, find a way to get in touch with TERRA. You will be in good hands.”

Great work, Zick! Thank you for trusting us with your job search. We wish you the best in the future!

How TERRA Can Help You

It’s important to follow your dreams. But it’s also important to have a steady income.

If you are looking to make some money while you pursue your career dream, contact us.

We have multiple opportunities available across various industries and we can connect you to employers currently hiring in your area.

Check out our current job openings.

We have offices in the Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-Metro, and Phoenix-Metro areas and our expert recruiters are waiting to speak with you!

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