How Leaders Can Support Their Teams Through Change

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 22, 2024

Image of leader helping team navigate change.

In business, any change, whether it’s new technology or a change in structure, is often met with hesitation. But change is inevitable.  

So, how can leaders help their teams navigate change? 

In a recent HR HotSpot webinar, thrive! Co-founders CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke shared their insights on how businesses can embrace change effectively.  

They suggest focusing on the business as a whole—the collective “We”—and ensuring all leaders are on the same page about how they’ll guide their teams through change.  

4 Ways Leaders Can Help Their Teams Through Change

Share Information

Be open with your team about the reasons for change, the potential impact and what employees can expect. Share tools and resources to help them acclimate. Acknowledge that you may not have all the answers yet. 

Providing information and context surrounding the change demonstrates respect for employees and their role in the organization.  

It will help them better understand why the change is happening. And they may even be more on board with the transition, as a result.  

Show Vulnerability

It’s okay to let your team know that you’re still processing and adjusting to the change yourself.  

Being vulnerable and transparent can humanize you as a leader and promote a more connected and supportive work environment. 

Remember, change can be stressful or upsetting for people. But when employees know their leader is navigating change alongside them, it can be reassuring, help reduce fear and strengthen trust. 

Encourage Open Communication

People may be reluctant to share their thoughts on change initiatives openly, especially if they’re not “sold” on it yet.  

Make sure everyone on your team—from the most extroverted person to the most reserved—gets a chance to share their thoughts about the change. That can help to address or challenge any assumptions.  

Meet with people in a team setting, in a private one-on-one meeting, or send an email or note to an employee.  

By doing this you’re not just teaching employees to have an open dialogue, you’re helping them grow and build resilience when faced with uncertainty.  


Don’t forget about employees after the change takes effect. Solicit feedback from the team on how the implementation is going. 

Ask your team what they’re experiencing, what’s working, what could be improved and how. Have regular check-ins, create anonymous surveys and foster an environment where people feel comfortable sharing.  

Checking in shows your team that you care about their experience and can be relied upon as an ongoing source of support.   

Navigating change is not easy. But if leaders are united in their approach to change, it can help employees adapt more easily and drive operational success.  

If you’re interested in more insight on embracing and navigating change, watch the full video below. 

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