4 Strategies for Finding and Hiring Great Talent in The Pacific Northwest

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 13, 2014

Finding and hiring the talent you need isn’t always easy. As the economy comes roaring back, top candidates become harder to attract, just as increased market competition calls for hiring the best people available.

How can you find the talent you need – and extend job offers top candidates will accept? Consider the following tips:

1. Create a candidate self-selection process.

If your hiring managers are overrun with resumes, consider holding an open house. The candidates who attend are clearly interested in learning more about the company and meeting their potential co-workers; the ones who don’t attend can be struck from the list. Holding an open house also allows your company to evaluate how candidates handle themselves in group situations, which is a valuable “soft skill” in many positions.

2. Extend a personal invitation.

Many top candidates already work in the industry. They aren’t looking for a new job, but they’ll be flattered to accept a personal invitation, making them more likely to accept. Research the key players and the “rising stars” in your industry, and consider extending a personal invitation to interview to those who seem to offer the best cultural and technical “fit” with your company. Your staffing partner can help you choose which candidates to contact.

3. Look further than the local job fairs.

Job fairs offer a great chance to “sell” your organization and its mission to potential candidates. But for the best shot at good candidates, attend events that are related to your industry, but that aren’t job fairs. For instance, if your organization needs an IT professional, attend IT-focused meetups in the area to meet potential job candidates and promote your organization’s work.

4. Work with your staffing partner.

Staffing firms specialize in connecting businesses with the talent they need – but your staffing partner also has access to candidates your hiring managers don’t. For instance, staffing firms cultivate close connections with “passive candidates,” talented individuals who aren’t actively seeking to change employers, but who will take the right job offer if it appears. These passive candidates won’t come to you, but your staffing partner can introduce you to them.

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