I Wanted Career Growth–Now I’m a Supervisor

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 31, 2023

Photo of Jon MarshallIf you’ve ever felt like your career wasn’t going anywhere, you’re not alone. But Jon Marshall is a perfect example of what can happen if you decide to make a change and try something new.

Here’s Jon’s story.  

I’d been saying since I was 30 that I want to get out of Indiana. The different warehouse jobs that I’ve worked over the years all claimed there were opportunities for advancement, but advancement never came. My strong suit was doing grunt work and that’s where my supervisors kept me.  

So finally when an opportunity presented itself, I took action. My friend was moving to Phoenix for medical care and I decided to go with her. 

When I first got down here, I applied for a warehouse job. I didn’t hear anything after one week. Then another week passed, and another week passed and another week passed. I got tired of waiting, so I Googled ‘temp agencies near me’ and that’s how I found TERRA’s Phoenix branch. 

I came in to their office for an interview and met with Vanessa Valenbaer. After she learned about my skills and knowledge when it comes to material handling, she said, “I have something that would be perfect for you” and told me about this PIT Operator job with GXO, a distribution company. 

Sure enough, I was set up with an interview and the managers gave me a quick tour of the warehouse. I’ve worked in a lot of warehouses over the years and I know that every business has a different process. I liked how the stations were set up here and my managers seemed like nice people. It seemed like a good opportunity. 

And the next day, I got a job offer! 

I’m a lot happier here. I work on a small team of only ten people, and we all get along. 

Since I’ve started, there have been some processes that I’ve implemented—like music selection. We listen to music while we work and I put up this white board for people to make song requests. And on birthdays, people choose the radio station we listen to. It might seem small, but music is something we all enjoy and it makes a difference in job satisfaction. My supervisors like this system, too. 

I also like to be the go-to person at work. My coworkers approach me with questions, which I appreciate because I always do my best to either answer the question or find a solution. 

So after I’d been working for several months, one of my supervisors quit because they found another opportunity. My teammates and I were all encouraged to apply for the open supervisor role. And at first, I wasn’t planning on applying because I’d only been there for under a year. But I watched my other supervisor opening and closing on their own every day. He needed help. 

I asked around and learned no one else wanted to apply. I figured, I might as well step up and submit my application—and I can’t believe it, but I got the job. 

GXO has proven to be a big difference from my warehouse roles in Indiana. I’m not stuck in one position because they’ve allowed me to advance. 

So if you have a job with growth opportunities and want to move up, here’s what I suggest: Leave any issues you’re having at home. Stay focused, show your commitment to improve and throw ideas out there—anything you think might help make processes faster and easier. 

It’s no wonder that Jon has been recognized for his work ethic. In fact, his supervisor had wonderful things to share:

Jon’s timeliness, manners and friendliness first stood out to me. Since joining the team, he’s demonstrated that he is mature and serious about his work, having flawless attendance and a great attitude.”

Congratulations, Jon!

You decided to take a chance in the hopes of finding a better opportunityand it paid off. Your journey is impressive and a testament to your determination.

We’re proud to be part of it. 

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