The Right Job Gave Me the Work-Life Balance I Needed

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 14, 2021

Judi Murdock, TERRA Success StoryFor many years, Judi Murdock lived in Alaska and worked as an office manager for a seafood company. While she enjoyed many aspects of her job, it wasn’t always easy. 

“I was working insane hours and was used to going 120 days, 7 days a week without a single day off. Plus, summer is the busy season in the seafood industry so I was never going outside and getting any sunshine.” 

Between the lack of sun and busy schedule, Judi knew something had to give. For her health, she thought it may be time to move somewhere with nicer weather. 

And what better place to get sunshine than Arizona? 

“I would come to Arizona for the weather and I loved it so much. I decided to sell my house and move.” 

But Judy didn’t stop there. Getting more sun would be great, but she also wanted a job with an easier schedule so she could fully enjoy her new setting. 

“I wanted to get a life of my own so I chose to look for a regular job five days a week.”

However, just because Judi desired a better work-life balance didn’t mean that she wanted to shift industries completely. 

“I’ve been in manufacturing most of my work history and I was looking for a job I could be somewhat familiar with.” 

With that in mind, once Judi got to Arizona, she immediately started searching for work. 

Before long, she connected with TERRA’s Phoenix branch.

Judi spoke with Stephanie Valdez, Phoenix recruiter, and they discussed what she was looking for in a job. 

Right away Stephanie realized that Judi would be a great fit for one of her manufacturing clients who was looking for an Office Coordinator.

She shared, “Judi was very professional, eager and knowledgeable. Plus, she had numerous years’ of experience doing a similar role within manufacturing.” 

And Stephanie was right. Not only did the job match what Judi wanted completely, her attitude and experience made her a perfect fit. 

Stephanie presented Judi to her client and, within a few days, they offered her the job.

Needless to say, Judi was absolutely thrilled! 

She explained, “I’m in a similar career as before. Just a different manufacturing process. And I love it. The machinery is fascinating. It’s really cool to see a different type of product and feel excited about it. I’m learning so much in my new job. I’m mastering new software and processes, which I love. It’s always stimulating.”

She added that the crew and the management are great too. ”I’m very happy here,” she exclaimed.

What’s more, Judi is still working with TERRA. But this time, as a client!

“My company still hires people through TERRA. Now I get to be on the other side. It’s quite fun actually!”

More importantly, Judi’s overall quality of life has vastly improved since she started her new job. 

“I can tell you, I look forward to my weekends now. I never had them in the past. Knowing I get to have two days off feels like a holiday. It’s good for my health to have a work-life balance. I get to get some sunshine and take care of myself a little more.” 

Here’s Judi’s advice to someone starting a new job.  

“Do whatever it takes to get the job done and be open to doing what you need to do. Try not to put a hard cap on your duties. If you keep learning and stepping up, you’ll become a go-to person when people need assistance or advice.” 

Congratulations Judi! With that attitude, there’s no doubt that you’ll keep thriving in your career! 

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