6 Steps to Creating a Top-Notch Training Program

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 19, 2016

TrainingMany companies have abandoned on-the-job training due to its perceived high costs and low returns.  After all, why train people when you can hire staff with the requisite skills?

But in reality, a well-designed training program can give your company results you’ll never get anywhere else.

Here are several steps to help you create a training program – or revive an old program – that gets results.

  1. Answer this question: “What do our people need to know?” The first step in creating any training program is to assess your needs. What does staff most need to know and understand? What steps should come first?
  2. Set a goal (or several). What are the goals of your training program? What should it accomplish – and how will you know if it’s meeting these goals? Create objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound – in other words, set a goal, create a metric, and give your program a deadline.
  3. Create a plan. Once you have the program’s goals in mind, create an action plan for reaching each of those goals. Questions to ask include “What do participants need to learn to reach this goal?”, “How can we teach it to them effectively?” and “Who will do the teaching?”
  4. Try it out. Even the best training program presents challenges when it first moves from the paper to real life. Decide whether training will be done in-house or externally. Schedule training, and start moving staff members or new hires through it. Gather feedback and fine-tune the process as you go.
  5. Evaluate and revise the program. No matter how well run your program seems, never omit this step. Evaluation and revising keeps your training program up to date and relevant to the work your employees do every day. It also helps you make the process more efficient – offering more training in less time.
  6. Work with your recruiter. Your staffing partner specializes in taking a global view of recruiting, retention, and results. Don’t hesitate to ask your staffing firm for advice on building a custom-designed training program tailored to your business and its goals.

A well-structured and executed training program will set your employees up to be as successful as possible in their roles. This will not only help them in their daily duties, but will also help your organization reach your company goals and retain your top talent.

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