Promoting a Growth Mindset Among Your Employees

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on November 22, 2018

growth mindset - good, better, bestWe live in a fast-moving world.

There’s always new information to learn and apply to our work.

Yet it’s easy for workers to get comfortable with the day-to-day routine of their jobs and stop reaching for additional growth.

Here are 3 ways you can encourage a growth mindset:

1. Present new skills as learnable.

When a fixed mindset takes hold, team members start to see people as destined for the positions they’re in – and their own destiny as impossible to change. Managers can start to reverse this process by presenting every skill as something team members can learn. For instance, pairing up team members to learn skills from one another can help them see that these abilities can be learned and taught.

In interviews, asking candidates, “If you had a task to complete but didn’t know how to do it, what would you do?” can help you evaluate whether candidates see themselves as capable of learning.

2. Reward perseverance alongside achievement.

When achievements alone are rewarded, team members may start to see them as the product of innate qualities like “talent” or “genius.” If they see themselves as lacking these qualities, they’ll also see themselves as unable to achieve the same goals. Recognize when a team worked hard or learned new skills to reach a goal in order to communicate that achievements are earned through growth.

During an interview, asking candidates to describe how they achieved a certain accomplishment on their resume can provide insight. Does the candidate recognize the value of learning and perseverance? Or do they assume an innate, unchangeable “talent” got them where they are?

3. Be a resource for learning.

Managers who teach their employees new skills communicate two powerful messages. The first is “Anything can be learned.” The second is “I care about your success so much that I’ll take the time to help you grow.” Both messages help a growth mindset thrive.

The hiring process is the perfect time to start positioning yourself as a resource to candidates. Watch for candidates who take your offer for additional help or who demonstrate they’ve read the materials you sent them. These candidates engaged your help as a learning resource, which means they’re likely to do so again while they’re on the job.  

How TERRA Can Help

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