5 Ways Working With a Recruiter Improves the Candidate Experience

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on November 30, 2018

rating your candidate experienceDo you offer a great candidate experience; or leave candidates hoping for more?

When job seekers become frustrated with the hiring process, they may drop out. Their absence deprives employers of valuable candidates and makes the hiring process more difficult.

One way to end the cycle of frustration and improve the candidate experience is to align with a recruiter. Staffing firms’ specialization in the hiring process provides the resources companies need to create a positive candidate experience.

Want to leave a stronger impression of your company?

Here are five ways your recruiter can improve the candidate experience:

1. A Personal Connection

When candidates meet one on one with recruiters, a personal relationship develops. The candidate learns to trust their recruiter and the information the recruiter provides. They’re also more likely to give the recruiter information that can help the recruiter match that candidate with the right company culture and position for both parties. Candidates, in turn, are less likely to drop out, because they feel they have someone “in their corner” throughout the process.

2. Improved Communication

Busy hiring managers don’t always remember to communicate with every candidate, but a recruiter who is building a relationship with those candidates won’t forget to contact them. The recruiter also gives the candidate an immediate contact point during the hiring process, making it more likely the candidate will call the recruiter with questions instead of simply walking away.

3. A Streamlined Hiring Process

Recruiters specialize in helping their clients improve their hiring processes, shortening time to hire without sacrificing candidate quality. This streamlined hiring process improves candidates’ impressions of a company and reduces their frustration, making it more likely they’ll wait for an offer instead of quitting or joining a competitor’s company.

4. One-on-One Feedback

Recruiters also provide candidates one-on-one feedback throughout the process. For candidates, this feedback results in better communication of their skills and goals to hiring managers. For hiring managers, having better information makes it easier to choose the candidate who offers the best fit for the team and the company’s plans.

5. Network Connectivity

Recruiters stay in touch with the candidates they place. They excel at helping candidates thrive in their new positions. They’re also good at maintaining connections with candidates who would be willing to consider an offer from your company, even though they’re not actively job hunting. Every candidate is another “node” in a hiring manager’s extended network, improving the chances that managers will always find the right person at the right time.

How TERRA Can Help

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