I Dreaded Going to Work Every Day—Now I Have a Job I Love

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 13, 2023

Photo of Jay Robinson, TERRA Success Story

Sometimes, people assume “big name” companies are guaranteed to be great places to work.

That’s what Jay Robinson thought when he started a Warehouse Associate role with a globally-recognized employer. 

What he discovered, unfortunately, was quite the opposite. The work environment was incredibly stressful, management was unsupportive…the job was just plain “awful.”

But Jay knew that the experience and the company brand would look good on his resume. So he toughed it out and stayed for two years.

Until, finally, he had enough and decided to make a change. We’ll let Jay share his story.

The bad management was the breaking point for me. There were major communication issues. They wouldn’t tell us when the trucks didn’t arrive on time, which meant we were expected to stay late— a lot. Without notice. 

Management would make you think your job was on the line if you made a mistake or if there was an unexpected emergency.

I remember my coworker had a flat tire during one of my breaks, so I gave him my jack and helped him. But that made me go over my break by a few minutes. 

My manager wrote me up for that.   

If we didn’t hit our metrics for our tasks, our breaks would get cut. And if there was something they knew you didn’t like doing, they would purposely assign you that task.

It seemed mean-spirited. I was just a number to them.  

Finally, I decided to start looking for another job, and applied to a warehouse role in Richardson, TX through TERRA.

I connected with Gina O’Neal, who was recruiting for the job. From the get-go, there was good communication.

She told me about the role and explained what I’d need to bring to TERRA’s office so that I could get onboarded and begin working ASAP. She actually said, ‘Here’s where to go tomorrow.’ 

It wasn’t overwhelming, though.

Once I got there, my managers introduced themselves, showed me around the warehouse and how everything was coordinated. They gave me a good footing and were around if I needed anything. 

And things have been great since! 

It’s not tense here. There’s more teamwork and understanding. Everyone on the team has a different role, but we work towards a common goal together. If I make a mistake, managers don’t try to make me feel ‘less than.’ 

The commute is better. I work during the day now, not overnight, and get better sleep. This company has been around for twenty-five years, so there’s job stability and security. The warehouse is heated, too. At my last job, when it was cold, they wouldn’t turn on the heat.   

We even have, like, the ‘man-version’ of a potluck, which means we order food. And on Tuesdays, someone brings doughnuts. Plus, there’s always coffee. 

This job is so much better than my last one.   

I don’t feel like a number anymore. I’m treated like a human being. And there’s room for advancement. If I stick with it, if I keep at this, I can move up.

So if you’re looking for work right now, just be patient and optimistic. 

We love creating success stories for the people we serve and are so glad we were able to connect you with an employer that appreciates your hard work and dedication, Jay! 

As a matter of fact, when we asked the client to share what they appreciated about Jay, they had a list: “Jay has perfect attendance, a great attitude, clear communication, and he’s a team player.” It’s no surprise that they decided to offer him a permanent job on their team!

Congratulations, Jay! We wish you continued success.

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