Competitive Compensation – What’s the Going Rate for Engineers in Portland?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 18, 2014

Hiring for engineers in the Portland area is becoming more competitive.  If companies are to find top candidates, the compensation offered for top candidates must also stay competitive.  Your company needs information about the local market for engineers, including the going rate for engineers in Portland.

Average Engineer Salaries in Portland

Currently, the average salary for all engineers in the Portland area is $71,000, according to  However, the average salary for an engineer can vary significantly depending on variables like industry, location, and experience.

The current $71,000 average includes information from engineers in a wide range of specialties.  The salary a particular company offers for a particular engineering position will change to reflect the differences in average salaries for engineers, depending on their focus.  Current data on engineer salaries in the Portland area reflects a range from $58,000 to $82,000, including:

  • Manufacturing engineers: $58,000
  • Civil and environmental engineers: $62,000
  • Mechanical and electrical engineers: $67,000
  • General engineers: $79,000
  • Software engineers: $80,000
  • Systems engineers: $82,000

What a Competitive Compensation Offering Can Do For You

Companies that offer competitive compensation reap the benefits.  They position their organizations to attract and keep top talent, which helps these companies improve productivity, complete projects, meet goals, and foster learning and skill development within their ranks.

Although the salary offered to any engineering candidate should be competitive, salary is only one aspect of the compensation package.  Your organization can also offer a number of other benefits, including “non-traditional” options like flex time, telecommuting, and professional memberships to attract top engineering candidates.  Talk to your staffing partner to build the best compensation package you can offer.

How Can You Find Competitive Salary Offerings?

If you’re an engineer who is looking for a new employer, finding the best position for you takes work.  You need a company that supports your career goals and offers you room to excel in your field, but you’re also looking for a competitive salary and benefits that reflect the value of the work you do.

Talk to a recruiter.  A staffing firm that specializes in placing Portland-area engineers, like the team at TERRA Staffing, can help you find a competitively-compensation position that offers the career opportunities you’re looking for.  Contact us today to learn more!

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