My Work Felt Insignificant—Now I Have a Job With Purpose

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on June 2, 2023

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If you’ve completely lost interest in the work you do, it might be time to look for another job. 

That’s what Anna Crosby did when her position began to feel meaningless. 

We’ll let Anna share her story. 

I was at a standstill. I had been in the same job for over three years as a Warehouse Lead for a craft supplier. And the job lost its significance to me. I felt like I was doing the same super not-important thing every day. Eventually, I reached a point where I decided I’d given enough people craft supplies. I figured, if I’m not on board with the company’s mission, I should leave. 

I really wanted to find another permanent job because I’m big on stability. I spent years in my last job, and five years in the one before that. And I’d gone through some changes in my life, including inheriting a child. I hadn’t had weekends off in years and was hoping to find something that allowed me more time with my family.

So I started looking for work online and applied for a warehouse position in Scottsdale—and I was contacted the next day. At the time, I had never worked with a temp agency before and thought ‘Wow, this is fast.’ They walked me through everything. We discussed what kind of job I was looking for, the hours I wanted and what I wanted to make. 

I thought, ‘Why haven’t I done this before?’ This is the most seamless way to look for work.

The Scottsdale team let me know that the job I applied to was no longer available. But, they had another position they thought I’d be interested in. It was a Warehouse Clerk role with an aerospace company. 

That immediately sparked my interest because I’ve loved airplanes my entire life. 

Most people hate going to the airport—not me. I love it. I love watching the planes take off and land. If I could have a job where I handle airplane parts and understand how they work, that would be fantastic. This opportunity was so different from craft supplies, and much more important.

I was set up with an interview and met with the three members of the management team. They all interviewed me together. It was intimidating at first, but they were really nice. 

And sure enough, I got the job!

I love it here. The location is close to the airport, so there are planes taking off around us all the time, which is so cool. 

And since I’ve started, I’ve been promoted from a Warehouse Clerk to a Warehouse Expeditor. I’m in charge of the section of the warehouse that contains all the engine parts. I’m so amazed at how many parts go into a plane engine. Some are as small as a grain of salt! I call those parts “fairy dust.” 

We’ve even had pilots come in to pick up engine parts that size for their flight taking off the same day. Sometimes when a flight is delayed, it’s because the plane is missing one tiny, important piece! 

But the best part about this job, apart from the work itself, is the environment. Everyone feels comfortable voicing their ideas. And managers will actually listen and take our input. 

I have a condensed work week, too, which means I have weekends off plus an extra two days so I can spend more time with my family. 

So if you’re looking for a job, I would definitely recommend trying a staffing agency. I’ve already told two of my friends about TERRA and now, they both have new jobs they love. 

And I want to shout out Guadalupe Robles. She is the recruiter that connected me with this opportunity and helped make this process so smooth! Thank you, Guadalupe! 

Guadalupe had a shout-out of her own for Anna.

“When I was recruiting for the role, I knew the Operations Manager was looking for someone with supervisor potential. Then I spoke with Anna. She had been a lead in her previous role and was confident and skilled in building relationships. I knew she would be a great fit for the role and exactly what the client was looking for. Sure enough, since Anna’s been hired, management has had nothing but nice things to say about her, including that she is always helpful and makes everyone feel welcome.”

Congratulations, Anna! We’re so happy we could help you find a job that is fulfilling and meaningful to you. And with your passion and dedication, we know you have a bright future ahead!

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