Terra Helped Me Find a Job With Room for Growth – I Love It!

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on August 25, 2021

Gina Jackson, TERRA Success Story who found a great job with room for growth

For six years, Gina Jackson worked in customer service for a company that she loved. Unfortunately, while she enjoyed her job, it didn’t pay very well, had challenging hours and didn’t offer room for growth. 

Still, Gina was reluctant to leave a job she liked. But she realized she needed a position she could both enjoy and grow in. So, eventually, she made the hard decision to move on and look for something new. 

For a while, Gina searched for work on her own, but she couldn’t find anything that struck her interest or offered advancement opportunities. 

Despite that, Gina stayed positive and kept looking. And after some time, a friend told her about TERRA Staffing Group. Ready to find her next opportunity, Gina reached out to the Scottsdale branch and connected with recruiter, Ciera Ward.

Ciera and Gina hit it off right away! They talked about what Gina was looking for. And she explained that she was hoping for a customer service role in which she could help people, as well as grow her career. 

As luck would have it, Ciera had the perfect job for her!

Ciera told Gina about a Customer Support Representative role with a healthcare company. In this position, not only would Gina get to use her customer service skills, she would also help people! What’s more, this position would offer many opportunities for advancement. 

Excited about this job, Gina interviewed. And it went so well that, within a week, she got offered a temp-to-hire position! 

It didn’t surprise Ciera at all! She shared, “Gina is a genuine, caring person and this position was made for her.” 

And Gina’s passion for her new job has shone through every moment since the day she started. 

She exclaimed, “I love that I can help people with their healthcare issues! What my company does is often life changing. Whether it’s supporting people financially, or helping them find healthcare solutions. A lot of people come in with problems and I get to assist them.” 

Clearly, Gina has found her right fit in this opportunity. And her employers agree. In fact, they’re so happy with her work that they not only hired her permanently, they’ve already promoted her!

Gina shared, “I was ecstatic when I got a permanent offer. I absolutely love my job! There’s a really positive atmosphere and I really enjoy working from home. And there’s lots of room for growth.”

Just as importantly this job offers Gina the financial stability she lacked in her previous position. 

She explained, “I also make a higher wage to support my family and I get great benefits as well. At my last job I had no benefits. That was fine for a while, but I’m an adult now and I need benefits.”

Congratulations Gina! We’re thrilled we could help you find a job that’s clearly so perfect for you! 

And if you’re looking to find a job you love in which you can grow, here’s Gina’s advice: 

“I do think that going through a staffing agency was really helpful when looking for a new position. It can get really overwhelming online, and you can’t trust half of the positions out there. With TERRA, I could trust the roles, and the process was easier. It was so helpful.”

Team Up With TERRA

Don’t hesitate to partner with TERRA if you need help finding a job with room for growth!

We work with many leading companies across a variety of industries and can connect you to great jobs and help you start a successful career that you’ll love! Our recruiters are passionate about helping people get great jobs and are eager to help you find your next opportunity. 

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