I Took a Chance on TERRA and Found a Job I Love

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on November 13, 2019

James Yochim TERRA Success StoryTo get what you want in life you sometimes need to leave “safe” behind and take a chance on the unknown.

That’s what James Yochim did. In spring of this year, James decided to leave his construction job.

“The work conditions were just too much for me,” James shared. He was suffering from over-exhaustion and was tired of working outdoors in the sweltering Arizona heat.

Quitting his job without another job lined up was a big risk to take. But James knew it was time for a leap of faith. Finding a job that made him happy was important to him, even if that meant being without work for the time being.

“I didn’t just want to get a job,” he said. “I wanted to find a position I’d enjoy.”

So, he began his quest for the right fit. Unfortunately, the job search was taking longer than he had expected. And it was during his third month of unemployment that James decided it was time for a different strategy.

He decided it was time to partner with a staffing firm – though he was hesitant at first.

“I’d worked with a staffing company before and didn’t have the best experience. The companies I’d work with were never great, but I needed more options. And at that point I was open for anything,” James confessed.

A quick online search led him to TERRA’s Scottsdale office.  And so, James took another chance and arranged an interview. He met with Recruiter Lauren Daily.

“I could tell he was eager to work,” Lauren shared. “And he had previous warehouse experience that I thought made him a perfect match for a job I was recruiting for.”

She presented the job to him and he gladly accepted it.

He had taken a chance on TERRA and it had paid off. Just two days after his interview with Lauren, his job search was over. He was starting a new job as a Warehouse Associate.

James was excited, not necessarily about the opportunity itself, but about no longer being unemployed. He was looking forward to having a stable income again.

He recalled the feeling of being presented with a job opportunity. “It was honestly a huge relief to finally have something.”

The three months without work had made James think that finding a job that he actually liked was a luxury he literally couldn’t afford. But here’s the beautiful part about this story: this job does more than “just pay the bills.” It turns out that it’s a job that James is very excited about!

“When I decided to go to a staffing company again, I didn’t expect to get a job I enjoy,” he shared. “But what I’m doing now is so much more engaging than my last job. I have to use more attention to detail, and it is a great challenge for me.”

Wait, there’s more! James has done such phenomenal work that the client hired him as a full-time, regular employee 30 days ahead of schedule! And he’s already been promoted, too!

James took a chance leaving his construction job and he took another chance trusting TERRA with his job search, but we think it’s safe to say that he is happy he did.

“This job has improved my life. I have better pay, insurance and great job security,” he said.

We asked James if he’d recommend TERRA. “Absolutely! Overall, the service was great. Lauren always checked up on me to make sure the job was going well, and everyone else in the office was super friendly.”

He also had this advice to share with job seekers who are feeling frustrated:

“Don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to ask for help and use your resources.”

Congratulations, James! Thank you for taking a chance on us, but more importantly, we are so glad you took a chance on YOU! We wish you continued success.

How TERRA Can Help You

Are you ready to take a chance on yourself and start a new career? Consider partnering with TERRA.

We can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in many locations. Our expert recruiting team is waiting to speak with you!

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