TERRA Found Me a Flexible Job That Allows Me to Pursue My Dream of Being a Pilot

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 10, 2021

Everyone has a dream. Not everyone has the courage to go after it. But Kenya Mendivil did. She didn’t hesitate to reach for what she wanted. 

Even better, she also had a clear plan to make it happen. 

Kenya had always longed to be a pilot. Instead of going straight for the pilot’s license, however, she began training to be a flight attendant. Once she had that experience under her belt, she would level-up by pursuing her pilot’s license.

But sometimes life gets in the way of even the best laid plan. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it brought chaos, global lockdowns and extremely limited travel. Her flight attendant training was put on hold and she was left to make new plans for her life. 

Just like that, Kenya’s dream was interrupted.

Feeling at a loss, Kenya took a part-time job. While that was fine for a short period of time, it wasn’t paying the bills – and wasn’t getting her any closer to her goals. 

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Kenya decided to tackle one issue at a time. First, she would look for a full-time job that paid well. Then, she would figure out what to do about  pursuing her dreams. 

With renewed purpose, she started to look for work. 

“I was pretty flexible. But since I had customer service experience I was leaning in that direction.”

As luck would have it, she saw a Customer Service role that TERRA’s Scottsdale team was recruiting for.

She connected with Recruiter Ciera Ward, who was impressed with Kenya’s experience. Thinking her a great fit for the job, Ciera’s arranged an interview for Kenya and the client. Kenya received an almost-immediate job offer.

Now, she had a full-time job and renewed financial stability. But that’s not all! Kenya’s job also provided her with a flexible schedule! With all the pieces now in place, she was able to start planning her future again.  

She wasted no time! Right away, she enrolled in flight training. And she is already on the path to getting her pilot’s license!

“I guess things do happen for a reason. Being a pilot has always been my ultimate goal. I wanted to be a flight attendant to get experience. But after the quarantine hit and I started my new job, I got to thinking and decided to go right to the pilot step. My new employers are great and flexible with my schedule. It has given me a chance to go back to school and study to get my pilot’s license.”

As an added benefit, Kenya really enjoys her current job. “I like customer service a lot. It’s challenging. Some days are really difficult, but every single day I learn something!”

The employer is incredibly happy with her.

Ciera shared, “Kenya’s manager continually comments on Kenya’s great performance and how compassionate she is with the customers.”

Struggling to find work or wanting to change careers? Here’s Kenya’s advice: 

“If you’re struggling, honestly go to a staffing agency like TERRA. They’re really helpful and they know what they’re doing. You know that whatever company they place you in will be trustworthy and reliable.

And if you’re trying to change careers. Risk it! Take a chance now or you’ll never go for it. You have to get out of your comfort zone to grow!”

With that mindset, Kenya, we have no doubt you’ll achieve your dreams!

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