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By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on November 21, 2022

Photo of Suliana HolokaukauSuliana Holokaukau quit her job as a Barista—without another lined up—to remove herself from a work environment that kept her on edge. 

I had been working in the food industry for three or four years. At first, I loved it. I’ve worked at fast food places and other mom-and-pop shops. But it got to a point where it wasn’t suiting me anymore. 

There was a big employee shortage in that field and it can really affect your mental and emotional health. You have to have a lot of patience. Providing customer service wasn’t a problem for me. It was the intense pressure of being short-staffed that made me want to leave. 

Understandably, Suliana was ready for a change and felt that quitting immediately was the only way to move forward. But three months of job-searching passed by, and she became desperate. 

I was open to anything. I was looking at cleaning jobs and landscaping jobs. I wanted to be an arborist or do something outside. 

Then the money ran out. The only jobs I could find were in the food industry or places I wasn’t willing to work, like Amazon–but that did get me interested in warehouse jobs. So I did some research and found that a warehouse opportunity would be my best option because they’re more likely to provide training.

So I looked up, ‘warehouse jobs hiring immediately’. 

That’s when a Google search led her to an assembly position out of TERRA’s Scottsdale branch. Shortly after applying, Suli connected with Scottsdale Recruiter, Desiree Garcia, who was sourcing for that role. Right away, they established a great connection. 

Desiree recalls, “She was super sweet and open to any opportunities. I interviewed her over the phone, and she was so eager that she made it into the branch that same day to complete her paperwork.” 

She knew Suliana had the right qualities for the role and wanted to introduce her to the client.  

Suli had a great attitude and communicated well. Even though she had never done anything similar, I thought she would catch on quickly. And most importantly, she wanted to learn.

Despite having never worked in assembly, Suliana was really intrigued by this opportunity because it was different from any role in the food industry. 

Desiree said I’d be using a microscope to assemble space parts, some as thin as a strand of hair. And she explained how this job has a very family-oriented environment. That really eased my nerves.

And 24 hours later, Suliana received a job offer! She couldn’t have been happier that months spent job-searching finally came to an end. 

I was so relieved–like, ‘YES!’ There’s definitely been an improvement in my bank account. 

I’ve also learned a lot since starting this job. It’s a new environment, everyone’s really friendly, and I have a new skill set. Everyone works as a team and we’re productive. It’s like I’m using what I knew in the food industry and applying it here.

Because of my experience, I honestly recommend people to TERRA Staffing! You guys were a huge help with finding me a job.

Congratulations, Suliana! We’re thrilled we could help you secure income quickly and find a job where you’re learning new skills. 

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