Seattle Office Named TERRA Staffing Group’s "Branch of the Year"

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 3, 2015

Seattle Team (L-R:Ashley,Nichole, Diamond, Emily, Suzette, Mikel, and Laura)
Seattle Team (L-R:Ashley,Nichole, Diamond, Emily, Suzette, Mikel, and Laura)

Congratulations to TERRA’s Seattle Office for being named “Branch of the Year” for 2014.

The award, based on achieving sales, quality, profitability, and service delivery targets, was given at an all-company meeting held last week.

Branch Manager, Nichole Cunningham, was presented the award by Greg Lambert, CEO.

Nichole Cunningham joined TERRA in December 2013 with a clear vision for where she wanted to take her branch in the coming year.

“All year we have been driving toward a shared goal and vision of putting Seattle back on the map.  Our focus wasn’t on winning awards it was on winning clients, exceeding customer expectations and providing great service to job seekers and placed talent.  We just stayed focused on that and ended up winning the award.  I couldn’t be more proud of this team,” Nichole said.

In addition to “Branch of the Year”, Seattle won a 20/20 Vision Award for exceeding sales and profitability growth targets.

TERRA’s VP of Branch Operations, Ann Medalia, commended Nichole and the Seattle team. “I’m extremely proud of our Seattle team for continuously leading the way with new sales generation.  They have successfully been able to onboard and fulfill a variety of new assignments while simultaneously supporting existing clients. The team has worked hard to reach new levels and challenges themselves to grow in their roles. Nichole is extremely dedicated and works hard to make sure the job is done before the day is over.  She is always there to support our clients, our field employees and internal employees.”

Seattle had strong competition from multiple branches who posted similarly strong results.

Congratulations Team Seattle!

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