Consensus or Cluster? How to Leverage Hiring Teams to Hire More Effectively

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 13, 2013

Once you’ve narrowed down the pool of candidates to the handful that seem most promising, the usual next step is to invite the remaining few in for an interview.  The interview is typically given by the hiring team or by the people who will work directly with the candidate who is hired.

Getting feedback from the interviewers is important; their impressions and opinions can help you ensure the candidate is a good fit for the position and the organization.  However, it’s important not to involve too many people or to give everyone an equal “vote” on who gets hired.  Doing so can lead to a “groupthink” situation in which the chosen candidate is the least objectionable – even if he or she is not the most qualified.

Instead, speak to the interviewers as soon as possible after the hiring process, while the candidate’s performance is still fresh in their minds.  Ask for their impressions about important aspects of the candidate, including:

  • Will the candidate fit well with the companys principles, values, and stance?  Ask for specific examples to support “yes” or “no” answers.  How did the candidate handle situational questions?  What behaviors or responses signal that he or she will work well (or poorly) with the team?
  • How did the candidate handle stress questions?  Were the interviewers satisfied with the candidate’s answers?  If not, is the missing information crucial to understanding or predicting the candidate’s performance?
  • Did the references support how the candidate presented in the interview?  For instance, if the candidate talked about his or her team spirit and ability to handle challenges, did the references also describe the candidate in this way?
  • Does the candidate seem to be a good fit with the companys culture?  Are their skills and experiences a good fit for the position and its requirements?  Consider both hard and soft skills.
  • What concerns does the hiring team have after the interview?

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