Sometimes You Have to Replace Talent – How to do so Discreetly

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 10, 2014

Hiring managers never plan a bad hire. Unfortunately, even hiring decisions that seemed excellent at the time can turn out to be a poor “fit” for any number of reasons.

When communication, training, and workplace adjustments aren’t enough, it may be time to replace a member of the team. Here’s how to do so discreetly and effectively:

Consider firing, then hiring.

Many companies scramble to replace a staff member “discreetly” because they fear that they cannot let the previous staff member go until they’ve found a replacement to cover the work. However, when a staff member can be trusted not to sabotage the work environment with the news of a firing, letting the first person go before launching the search solves the problem of having to work quietly. This frees up the company to search openly for the best candidate.

Worried that the work won’t get finished if the position is vacant? Talk to your staffing partner about bringing contract staff on board to pick up the slack until a new permanent hire is found. Your organization may even wish to review the contract employee’s work to determine whether the “fit” is a good one before hiring the temporary staff member full time.

Plan carefully.

If you must hire “under the radar,” plan each phase of the hiring process before you put it into effect. Weigh the advantages of hiring internally against the potential increase in the risk of a “leaked” message. Decide how you will post the job opening, in what channels, and where you will hold interviews in order to keep the process discreet.

Your staffing firm can offer valuable insight into this phase of the discreet-replacement process. They may also be able to solve several of the obstacles to discreet hiring by making job postings, handling applications, or providing a location for interviewing.

Talk to your staffing partner.

Staffing partners specialize in every phase of the hiring cycle – including the not-so-pleasant task of letting a staff member go in order to bring in someone better suited to the role. Talk to your staffing partner about why the current talent isn’t working and what you’d like to see in a replacement. The more information you provide, the better your staffing firm can help you find a replacement candidate who helps your company thrive.

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