Creating a Diverse Workplace: 5 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 21, 2017

Companies throughout the United States have discovered the strength that lies in diversity. By incorporating a wide range of perspectives, skills and life experiences in your staff, you improve your organization’s creativity, flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

If you’ve considered expanding the diversity of your workforce but aren’t sure how to go about it, here are five steps to help you recruit and retain the people you need to build a diverse culture:

Think broadly about “diversity.”
In some circles, “diversity” has become shorthand for racial or linguistic differences among staff members. The best diverse workplaces, however, understand that “diversity” applies to a much broader range of characteristics: upbringing, socioeconomic status, educational experiences, paths to one’s current career position and much more. Talk to your recruiter to learn how to see diversity more broadly.

Make a plan.
Finding more diverse candidates often means changing or broadening your search habits. Your recruiter can help you connect to new sources of qualified candidates who also help diversify the life experiences and perspectives your team brings to the table.

Diversify your communication as well.
Diversity in how people learn and communicate best is one of the most common, yet most overlooked, ways in which any group of people may diverge from one another. To improve communication and keep your entire workforce engaged, use multiple communication channels. These may include audio (phone, face-to-face meetings or video with sound), visual (charts, videos, graphs), verbal (written or spoken directions), or kinesthetic (“hands-on” training or practice).

Build a cohesive company culture.
Some managers shy away from a truly diverse workforce because they fear increased conflict. To help staff of different backgrounds work together productively, focus on building a cohesive, unifying company culture in which new ideas and suggestions are welcomed. You’ll help defuse any underlying tensions and encourage your team to put their range of perspectives to use.

Coordinate with your recruiter.
Staffing firms specialize in seeing the “big picture” when it comes to recruiting and retention. Your staffing partner can help you create a plan for diversity, find the people you need and build a culture that keeps your top performers on the team.

The recruiters at TERRA Staffing Group focus on building relationships with our clients, allowing us to better support your company’s culture and goals.

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