10X Thinking: Integrating Into Your Organization’s Strategy

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 10, 2017

In the first part of our series on 10X thinking, we introduced you to the method of focusing on the small things that provide the biggest results. In Part 2, we’ll explore how to apply 10X thinking to your business strategy in order to grow exponentially.

Using 10X Thinking to Build Your Team – and Your Company

While there are many 10X tactics out there, they all share a common theme: They’re the answer to the question “Where can we get the biggest results with the least effort?”

To build your team, aim for a 10X team, not just a 10X hire.

Imagine you need to build a team of five professionals to tackle a particular task. You could spend your time looking for five individuals who offer a 10X payoff – or you could spend it seeking five people whose abilities, when combined, create a single 10X team.

Why should you take the team approach?

  • It makes the team more efficient. Adding the person who offers the best team “fit” can make the entire team 10X more efficient. A candidate who is a bad fit, by contrast, will reduce the team’s performance and their own.
  • It allows you to build a 10X company one team member at a time. Building a 10X team is something of a “moving target,” because the answer to the question “What does the team need most?” always depends on who is already on the team. The good news is this “moving target” allows you to focus on who the team and company most need now.

10X Today: Your Recruiter’s Role

A staffing partner who understands the power of exponential thinking can be your best ally in developing a 10X team. Staffing firms specialize in evaluating team “fit” and in helping their clients find ways to improve productivity by reducing hiring costs, shortening time to hire and choosing people who have both the technical skills and the cultural fit to thrive within the organization.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters are committed to helping our clients find the people, strategies and support they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Find one our branches today to learn more about our recruiting services.

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