TERRA Helped Me Find Financial Growth & Stability During the Pandemic

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 23, 2020

Ambrosia Hitchcock Seattle Success StoryAmbrosia Hitchcock has a passion for the music entertainment industry and marketing.

She has experience in multi-channel marketing, event production, communications, public relations, and majored in Digital & Event Marketing.

Over the last four years, she worked a variety of part-time administrative roles, most of which were in the music and entertainment industries.

When she graduated from college in 2019, she thought she would be able to find long-term employment in the field.

Unfortunately, finding work wasn’t easy.

Ambrosia looked for work for about six or seven months without much success. It was a little disheartening and more than a little confusing.

She had the experience and the education. Why wasn’t she having luck finding employment?

She couldn’t understand it.

And the part-time jobs, though fun, did not provide her with enough income to pay the bills. She needed full-time employment that offered financial stability.

Desperate, she began reaching out to staffing agencies. She was open to any type of work at that point.

Luckily, she found a temporary warehouse job with one firm that would last through the holidays.

While working that job, she met another employee who recommended that she reach out to TERRA Staffing Group as well.

“They said TERRA was really good and would get me to work,” she shared.

Ambrosia decided to give TERRA a try, and though she once again was willing to keep an open mind about the type of work she would accept, she really was hoping to find administrative work.

She was also hoping that TERRA could help her find a long-term opportunity.

Ambrosia contacted TERRA’s Seattle branch office and met with Recruiter Lamar Mapp.

Lamar shared, “I thought Ambrosia was extremely professional. After speaking with her, I was confident that she could do any job that she wanted, regardless of whether or not she had prior experience.”

He immediately thought of one of his clients, who was looking to hire someone with a blend of marketing and administrative experience. Someone who could also do some sales.

“While Ambrosia didn’t have specific sales experience, I was confident enough in her professionalism and attitude that I felt that she could do anything they threw at her – and that’s exactly how I presented her to the client.”

He arranged a meeting between the client and Ambrosia and they offered her the job.

“I was happy and relieved that I had a full-time job lined up,” Ambrosia stated. “And I was extra excited about the pay. It was more than I had ever made before.”

Though she was initially worried about “impostor syndrome,” Ambrosia knew she could do the job.

She proved herself in no time.

The client decided to hire Ambrosia as a full-time, regular employee. She even received a pay bump, too!

Lamar said, “When they converted her, the hiring manager sent me an email saying, ‘YAY! We are super excited to have her. She is completely amazing!’”

They aren’t the only happy ones. Ambrosia is too.

“I feel proud to work for a company that promotes environmentalism through their actions and that I get to be part of helping move humanity to a better place.”

She added, “Now, I am confident that everyone at work knows I can do the job. I also really like the work environment. Everyone is friendly. I feel supported. I feel valued. And I like that I am able to use my education at work.”

We asked Ambrosia if she had any tips or advice for job seekers who feel like they may be struggling to find the right fit on their own.

“You don’t have to stay stuck in a job out of fear. Contact TERRA! Job hunting is very stressful and you can feel trapped in the job-hunting ‘dating pool.’ Let TERRA take the stress off your shoulders and do the sifting and matchmaking for you. They can give you stability and safety during this economically tumultuous time and find you a position that you’ll actually enjoy and will be a good fit.”

Ambrosia has already referred friends and family who feel stuck in their jobs or are about to start looking for a job to TERRA.

“I couldn’t have this stability without TERRA. I’m now the highest-paid person who has ever held my position with this 50-year-old company, and have been able to support my fiancé and myself during the pandemic. I am endlessly grateful for what Lamar and TERRA have done for us.”

We are so glad that we could help you find employment and help you find financial growth and stability during these challenging times, Ambrosia! We wish you continued success!

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