TERRA Didn’t Give Up On Me—Now I Have a Job I Love

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on November 14, 2022

Photo of Anna ChuprinovaAnna Chuprinova worked in the shipping department of an aerospace company for two years. And then the unexpected happened—she was laid off.

Though she found another job shortly after being let go, the role wasn’t related to shipping. And she wanted to get back to that kind of environment. 


I like working fast and I’m good at it. And I’ve tried working in other industries, like fast food and production lines. 

But shipping is my thing.

She heard about TERRA through a friend and applied for an IT Packaging position in Seattle.

That’s what led her to Benji Hix, Staffing Specialist, who was recruiting for that role. They discussed her work history and her strong interest in the job.

Anna’s longevity, skills and politeness immediately impressed Benji. After their conversation, he couldn’t wait to connect her with the client. 

And Anna was thrilled to be considered for a role so quickly! 

Unfortunately, there was a problem in the onboarding process. And she feared it would cost her the job opportunity. 

Here’s what happened: 

I’m from Russia. And my green card and work authorization expired. I became really frustrated because I wanted to work and get this process going. I’ve experienced this before. If it takes longer to get authorized, the company will usually give up and hire someone else. But Benji reassured me. It made me feel so good to hear that they were going to work with me and were patient with me. 

Benji advocated for her and talked to the client about her situation. Luckily, they were able to hold her spot while Anna and Benji figured out how to resolve this issue—together. 

Working through the authorization process was tedious, murky, and required a lot of coordination and communication from both. 

There are literally pages of texts between us: Anna sending me paperwork, me googling instructions and sending links and phone numbers. 

But their teamwork paid off. Forty-seven days after Anna connected with Benji, she started her job!

Anna was so relieved and excited to put this process behind her. 

And as a bonus, the team environment in her new position is better than she hoped. 

“At my old job, it was more strict and the people I worked with had bad energy. But here, everyone is really nice. And they’re willing to give me a chance if I want to try new things.” 

Congratulations, Anna!

Navigating this unwelcome surprise was tricky, but the payoff was worth every step.

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