TERRA Helped Me Find the Perfect Job – I Feel Like I Won the Lottery

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on April 6, 2021

Being laid-off is always a hardship. But for someone who loves their job, it can be a terrible blow. 

For a year, Irie Adams had been working as a Service Dispatch Coordinator for an HVAC company. She felt passionate about both the industry and the role itself. 

She shared, “I loved being a dispatcher. I was really good at it!” 

Unfortunately, no amount of love for her job could help her when COVID-19 hit. Due to the pandemic, Irie’s employers had to let her go. 

Irie’s loss was twofold. Not only did she lose her source of income, she lost a job she really cared about. 

But she didn’t let it crush her. A naturally positive and proactive person, Irie took her situation in stride. She decided to look for something new. 

Luckily, she had the advantage of already knowing what type of job she loved. So, she decided she would seek a similar role in the same field.

Irie looked and looked, but, unfortunately, she could not find a job that felt like a good fit.

She even reached out to multiple staffing agencies for help. But she did not feel like they got her any closer to a job she wanted. 

“I’ve worked with plenty of staffing companies. And I felt like they didn’t care. If I wasn’t a perfect fit for a specific role, they just forgot about me and treated me like I was disposable.” 

Unfortunately, after almost an entire year of searching for the perfect position, Irie still didn’t have any success finding the right job. 

Still, she kept going.

She knew that it was worth waiting for the right job to come around. As it turns out, she was right. Things finally turned for the better. 

An online search led Irie to an HVAC Dispatcher position that TERRA’s Seattle branch was recruiting for. She quickly connected with Recruiter Ellie Tsuji about it. 

From the get-go, Ellie was in awe of Irie’s energy and positivity. 

Ellie shared, “You could tell that Irie is someone who is very passionate and an extreme ‘go getter.’ She also has the most positive personality. You can’t help but brighten up when she talks to you.” 

Sadly, the position Irie was interested in did not work out. But this time, she felt supported in her job search. 

Irie said, “Ellie didn’t give up. She kept looking and looking, and then came to me with this position doing dispatch for a plumbing company.”

Initially, Irie was unsure about working in plumbing. It was not the industry she was hoping to join. But the job seemed perfect in every other way so she decided to trust Ellie and give it a chance. 

And it’s a good thing that she did. Because it was instantly obvious to everyone involved that the job would be an amazing fit. 

Ellie said, “Irie had the perfect personality for the job. She possessed all the traits that the employer was looking for. They had such an amazing time talking to her that her interview took nearly 3.5 hours!” 

Unsurprisingly, they quickly offered Irie the job. Within two days of her interview, she accepted a position as a Customer Service Dispatcher. 

“I was so excited when I got the position. I felt like I won the lottery. I’ve never in my life been more happy!

I enjoy everything about my new job. My work-life balance has never been better! I have the opportunity to work as much or as little as I’d like and I work with a good team and receive lots of support.” 

Her employers are still just as pleased with Irie too. 

Ellie shared, “They feel like they’ve found the perfect fit. They love that Irie gets excited about every aspect of the job. Even the not-so-attractive parts. They absolutely love the fact that she is a team player!” 

Here’s Irie’s advice to people looking to find find a job that is the perfect fit: 

“Sometimes trying a new field is the best thing for you. Maybe you’re good at something that you never knew you would be good at before.” 

We couldn’t be happier for you, Irie! We wish you continued success and are so glad we could play a part in your story!

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