I’ve Put My Trust in TERRA for 8 Years — They Always Find Me Great Jobs

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on June 2, 2021

John Haven, TERRA Success StoryJohn Haven, today’s success story, is no stranger to TERRA! In fact, he first connected with the Seattle team eight years ago.

When John and his brother moved from Spokane to Seattle in 2013, John realized that finding work wouldn’t be as simple as he’d initially thought. 

He recalled, “In Spokane, it’s easier to get a job because you know people that will hire you. In a bigger city, it’s different. I didn’t know where to start looking but I needed to find something.”

Fortunately, a friend referred him to TERRA

He didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the start of a long and prosperous partnership! 

“My brother and I applied with TERRA together. During our interview we heard of a warehouse that needed temps that same day. So we went straight from the interview to the job. That was my first introduction to warehouse work. And it turned into a career.” 

In fact, John made such a positive first impression during this temp assignment that the company decided to hire him on permanently. After a short time, they even promoted him to a lead position. 

Unfortunately, after a year, his employer moved their distribution centers to the East Coast. John was left having to search for a new job. 

Since he’d had such a successful first experience with TERRA, he decided to reach out again. 

The moment he did, Patty Stoddard, Seattle Staffing Manager, contacted him. Patty had heard from John’s previous employer about his stellar performance and work ethics. So when he became available for work, she jumped on the opportunity to place him. 

“I had just begun working with a large and rapidly growing distribution company in Everett,” she explained. “John’s skills seemed perfect for the role we had so I called him to see if he had an interest in a temporary assignment.”

After hearing Patty’s enthusiastic description of the job, John was game.

Once again, he instantly exceeded expectations! 

Patty shared, “He started as an Order Puller and was so productive, so reliable, so consistently positive and team-focused, that he was quickly moved to a Shipping Specialist position.

“The company then converted John to a permanent position, and he continued to grow and move up. His employer first promoted him to a Lead and then asked him to take over as a Supervisor. Each time, he was hugely successful!” 

Funnily enough, John got to work with TERRA again during the next few years. But this time as a client

John fondly recalled, “As a Supervisor, I was in charge of bringing in my own temporary labor and I got to work on the other side with TERRA. I worked with recruiters, including Patty, as colleagues. It was fun to partner this way!” 

But while he enjoyed the job, John wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted long-term. 

So, after four years, he decided to explore something new and tried his hand at various types of work and industries, both through TERRA and on his own. 

He stated, “I think if you haven’t found what you want yet it’s good to go and sample different things.” 

But John still wasn’t convinced he had found the right career. 

After a few months of not finding what he wanted,  he once again reached out to TERRA.  

“I needed a job and I knew who could help me find a good one.” He explained, “TERRA has always placed me in great positions and I needed the consistency and quality of interactions I had there over the years.” 

Of course, when John reached out, Patty was delighted! She had a job she thought would be great for him. One that was different from his previous roles, but would still allow him to use his skills and experience. 

Despite it not being a job he was looking for, or felt experienced in, he trusted Patty.  And he was right to believe in Patty’s judgement. Not only was he hired — he loves his job!

“I went in for an interview and I immediately got on really well with the manager. Patty was right. The job is great and my manager is one of the best people I’ve worked for.

It’s a change of pace. I’m a salesman now. That’s a completely new position for me, but it turned out to be something I really enjoy doing. Plus, this job provides me with the first straightforward nine to five hours in a long time. 

And, it’s all really local. I work with the carpentry and construction workers of Seattle. So I get to interact with the city in a personal way and be a part of the people building this city. I also get to work with people every day which feels really special, especially after COVID.

Not to mention, the money is really good. It’s a commission-based job so you really do earn your paycheck. It drives me more and it’s a whole new experience.”

Here’s John’s advice to people trying to build their career. 

“I think my biggest piece of advice is to not shy away from accepting opportunities, no matter how small. 

If you do the things no one wants, eventually, you get picked for the stuff everyone else wants, too.” 

Congratulations, John! And thank you for continuously putting your trust in us! 

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