For a Year I Struggled to Find Work on My Own — Luckily, TERRA Was in My Corner

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on November 4, 2021

Image of Randall Venson, TERRA Success Story, who found a stable jobRandall Venson took a career break, not considering that he might have difficulty finding employment when he was ready to rejoin the workforce. After all, he had years of warehouse experience and wasn’t afraid of hard work. He knew he could bring value to an employer. 

Imagine his surprise when he decided to reenter the job market and could not land a job. 

He even reached out to several staffing firms for additional job search support. Yet, despite giving his search his all, he struggled to find work — or the right agency partner. 

Randall communicated clearly, honestly and regularly, wanting to be a good partner to his recruiters. Unfortunately, partnership goes two ways. And it can be really frustrating to put effort into a relationship and still not feel heard. 

He explained, “I went through two different temp agencies before TERRA. The first one would tell me they’d reach out and never would. The second one would assign me to jobs, but they weren’t accessible by public transportation, which I told them. Since I didn’t have a car, the jobs never worked out.”

Disheartened, Randall thought he might never get help from a staffing agency. 

“Finally, someone suggested TERRA Staffing. I doubted they could help me but I thought, ’OK, why not? I’ll roll the dice again.’ When you need to pay the bills, every opportunity is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. 

“Right away, a recruiter from TERRA’s Kirkland branch called me and told me about a job. I was so excited to finally get a real opportunity.” 

Regrettably, that job didn’t end up being a successful long-term fit. Randall, who’d had negative experiences with staffing before, was nervous that TERRA would stop being a resource to him. 

“I really thought they were going to dump me then. Except that’s not TERRA. They didn’t. Instead they kept giving me work, checking on me and taking care of me. I ended up completing a few assignments through TERRA.” 

We wish we could say that’s when Randall found his long-term fit. However, 2020 was a challenging time for many people, including Randall. 

“The pandemic hit and I was on the job market again. No one was hiring. By the end, I had used all of my unemployment resources. I was struggling to pay my bills. Nobody wants to worry if they’re going to be able to pay rent. That’s a burden I wouldn’t want to place on anyone.”

Randall could’ve lost hope. Instead, he gathered his resolve and kept looking. 

“I thought, ‘I’m in a bad place, but if I contact TERRA again, they’ll help me!’

He connected with Daniel McConeghy, a Recruiter for the Seattle team, who was amazed by Randall’s perseverance and optimism. 

Daniel remembered, “Randall is responsible, amenable and just a pleasure to interact with. It was immediately obvious that any employer looking to create a culture of accountability and positivity needs people like Randall! He has great skills, but is also a great person who is always eager to learn how he can do better — for his team and in his role.”

And Daniel had a Production Associate job where he knew Randall’s skills and amazing attitude would be valued. 

It was just the position Randall had been waiting for this whole time. 

When he received a job offer, he couldn’t believe it.

I was ecstatic! In the end, I feel like this was all supposed to happen. It all came together. My life has become so much less stressful because I have stability. Now, I can catch up on my bills. 

I love my job. The staff is great and the management is amazing. It’s like a family here. They help you and they help you get into the groove. They train you, support you and make you feel good about the work you’re doing. They’re a growing company, but it’s not stressful. And there are perks as well. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and they trust us to get the job done. 

We asked Randall what advice he would share with job seekers who are struggling to find employment.

Here’s what he said:

“Reach out to TERRA. It’s a great place to start your search. Recruiters understand the importance of finding your niche in the job market. They work with you. So if you want to grow and learn in your career, that’s the place to be.”

Sometimes the journey to get to where you need to be isn’t easy, no matter how dedicated you are. But Randall is proof that good things eventually happen when you stay positive, work hard and never give up. 

Congratulations, Randall!

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