Want to Hire Top Talent? Turn Your Employees Into Spokespeople

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 19, 2017

Hiring cycles wax and wane, but top talent is always in demand. To continually attract star performers to your organization, you’ll need to match your hiring methods to their expectations—and to preserve your budget, you’ll want to do so in a cost-effective manner.

One simple way to achieve both goals is to turn your own employees into spokespeople.

By giving top candidates a chance to talk to a current member of your team, you accomplish several goals at once:

You start building connections right away.

There are many learning curves a new employee faces including learning new co-workers’ names, job titles, personalities and work habits. When you connect potential employees to current employees, you set your top candidates to work on this learning curve before you’ve even extended a job offer.

In addition, you help a current employee build their professional network. By doing so, you expand your company’s resource pool and increase the chances the candidate will reapply in future, even if they are not extended an offer for this job.

You “sell” the candidate on the job with a personalized pitch.

Savvy job seekers frequently ask interviewers, “What do you like most about working here?” They ask this because they know genuine enthusiasm is the best endorsement of the job and company they are likely to get.

By connecting candidates to enthusiastic current employees, you expand the candidate’s image of your organization as a highly desirable place to work. You introduce the candidate to the best parts of your company culture and show exactly how engaged, dedicated and energetic your team is.

You help the candidate see that this is the best job option.

Chances are your top candidate is also at the top of another company’s list. When you connect candidates with current employees, you give the candidate an “inside look” at the day-to-day demands of the job, the resources available to meet those demands and the people who will form their support structure. Access to this information makes it easier for the candidate to decide this is the right job for their career.

By allowing your employees to meet potential hires, they can share their individual experiences of working at your organization and really highlight why they love the company. This gives candidates unique perspectives into how they might fit into the company’s culture and hopefully makes a job offer decision that much easier.

Work with your staffing partner to craft a hiring and interview plan that allows for your staff to meet with candidates. Your recruiter can share valuable insight about how to decide who should meet with a candidate as well as advice on any key details you should have your staff discuss.

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