How to Position Your Temporary Staff (and Business!) to Thrive

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 29, 2016

EmployeeTraining1When you hire temporary staff, it’s because you need the right people and you need them now. Perhaps you’re facing a seasonal rush, or there’s a new project that requires specialized attention in order to launch successfully.

Whatever the situation, your temporary staff needs to hit the ground running in order to be the most effective in your organization.

Here’s how to position your temporary staff to thrive from day one:

  1. Plan ahead. Before your temporary staff members start work, create an agenda for their first week and make sure their workspace is ready to go. Talk to the contract staff’s manager or other key team members to determine what they most need to know in the first week, and make sure that appears on the agenda.
  2. Communicate with temporary staff prior to day one. Whether you reach out to them directly or communicate through your staffing partner, make sure that temp staff have the information they need to show up on the first day ready to work. This might include details like directions to the office, parking rules, dress code, and who to check in with when they arrive. This will reduce their stress and make it easier for them to appear on time and ready to learn the ropes.
  3. Don’t skip orientation. During rush season or in the midst of a big project, it can be tempting to simply toss new temporary staff members directly into the project. Instead, block off time during the first day for orientation. Include essential information like where their workspace is and where the restrooms are, as well as time for them to meet their new co-workers and understand what’s expected.
  4. Create opportunities for feedback. Your new temporary staff may only be on-site for a few weeks or months, but the more you learn about how they’re doing in their work, the better you position yourself to choose the right temp staff and structure their daily tasks in the future. Create regular opportunities to talk to temporary staff and gather their feedback, as well as to provide feedback on their work.

Temporary employees can play a vital part in your organization and your strategic staffing plan. By setting your temporary staff up for success from the very start, you will help to ensure that they will not only thrive, but your business will as well.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters can help you choose the right temporary staff members and bring them up to speed quickly, allowing them to do more productive work in less time. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic recruiting services in Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix.

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