Four Great Ways to Get the More From Your Temp Staff

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 16, 2013

Temporary employees provide significant talent and skill when a company needs it most.  Companies can, in turn, make sure that their temporary employees are getting the best experience possible by supporting these employees in several ways.  Promoting education and productivity options for temporary employees encourages them to do their best work and to offer their skills again when an employer wishes to have them back.

To give your temporary employees the support they need to do outstanding work, follow these four steps:

  1. Create a specific onboarding strategy.  An onboarding strategy focused specifically on incorporating temporary employees into your workplace increases efficiency by bringing temporary employees up to speed more quickly, allowing them to do their best work without an unnecessary struggle to conquer the learning curve.
  2. Delegate training to specific staff.  Make one or two staff members specifically responsible for training temporary employees, and give these staff members specific training points to focus on when training their temporary employees.
  3. Create specific touch points for communication.  Schedule specific meetings or more casual “touch points” in which you communicate with temporary employees about their onboarding and work, especially in the crucial first days.  This communication helps temporary employees feel as if they belong within the organization and answers their questions quickly, helping work to go more smoothly.
  4. Conduct exit interviews.  Before a temporary employee leaves at the end of the assignment, spend some time conducting an exit interview with the employee.  Whether the employee reports a positive or negative experience, the information can be invaluable to your organization. Although you may not be able to change anything about a negative impression, you can use the feedback to ensure a better experience for future temporary staff.

Although the holidays are a common time for temporary staff, some organizations rely on temporary workers year-round to fill a needed “skills gap” or help support core staff in a particularly busy time.  Taking concrete steps to make your temp workers’ experience better improves their productivity and morale, giving both your customers and your organization a better overall experience.

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