TERRA Put Me to Work the Very Next Day in My Dream Job!

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on November 1, 2012

TERRA Put Me to Work the Very Next Day!

By April Wenig

My husband, Matthew, had been a client of TERRA Staffing Group and had been relying on to provide him with temporary staff at his company. He was always very happy with their services and the staff at the Federal Way branch specifically. When I was ready to go back to work I, like so many other people, was having a hard time finding work. Matthew suggested that I try using Terra.

April Wenig is all smiles in her “perfect fit” job.

I was skeptical because I had gone to another staffing company not too long before and they were absolutely no help. My interview with the other staffing company went well and they assured me that it would not be hard to find someone with my qualifications something quickly but a week went by with no calls. The following week, again, I received no call.

I had actually been employed by a staffing company many years ago before my daughter was born and loved it. Back then I went from assignment to assignment with no breaks or gaps. Before one assignment was ending they already had another one lined up. At that time I really enjoyed the opportunity to develop new skills and to work in and learn about so many different industries. One of my temporary assignments turned into a one year assignment. That was a long time ago and based on my experience with other staffing service (before I met TERRA), it appeared that things in the staffing industry had certainly changed.

When I called Terra and spoke with Ann Medalia, she was wonderful. She asked me some questions to get a good sense of what I was looking for and what skills I had. She told me about two opportunities and I started an assignment at the very next day! Maybe it was a fluke but I was certainly happy that things happened the way they did.

My assignment was supposed to last two weeks, but I must have been doing something right because on my second day the client supervisor, Ryan Sullivan, pulled me aside and asked if I would be interested in a possible permanent position. I was shocked but in just two days it was obvious what a great company this would be to work for so I was thrilled for the opportunity. The permanent position didn’t end up working out at the time but I was able to stay on as a long term temp and continued to support my role in the Major Accounts Group.

April Wenig with TERRA Area Manager, Ann Medalia. “Ann was wonderful. She understood exactly what I was looking for.”

It was hard living with the uncertainty of being a temporary employee but I knew that the company and our department was growing and I needed to keep working hard to prove my worth to the team and wait for the opportunity that I knew was sure to come. That patience and hard work definitely paid off because not only did I get hired on permanently but I was hired into a higher-level position.

I’m grateful to TERRA and my client supervisor, Ryan. Without Ryan’s support and encouragement, I may have just worked that one two week assignment and moved on. I believe that everything happens for a reason and every day I wake up knowing that I’m going to work at a place where I make a difference and I am grateful for everyone who played a part in my success.

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