Success Story-Leonda Alvis

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on June 20, 2012

Leonda Alvis came to TERRA eager to work. She had held a variety of different jobs including working as a CNA and doing temporary assignments through other staffing firms. She came to TERRA because a friend of hers had told her to “give TERRA a try.” She says she’s glad she did.

Not only is Leonda a great employee, she’s a great sport for letting us take her picture in her hairnet and smock!

“You’re a lot more cordial and I feel like everyone there really cares about me.”

Leonda has been working steadily through TERRA since March of 2011. One company requested her back 5 different times because of her outstanding work. She might have been hired on by that company except they moved out of state. When that happened she was eager to find her next assignment. She gives credit to Gretchen Muldowney in our Everett office for looking out for her best interests.

“You guys helped me out tremendously. Gretchen pushed hard to help me get the job I’m at now. She believed in me and I really appreciate that,” says Leonda.

There’s a good reason we believe in Leonda. According to Gretchen, “She has always been so conscientious about her performance and often asks for feedback. She’s completely accountable and has been sure to call in whenever she’s been sick. She even makes a weekly call to the office to confirm we received her timecard. I wish we had many more employees just like Leonda.”

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