Success Story-Max Swan

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on August 10, 2012

At TERRA our mission is “Success Stories Created Daily” and it’s important to note that we don’t create these success stories alone. We cooperate with community partners and referral sources, we partner with job seekers, we collaborate within our team and we partner with our clients to make these success stories a reality.

This Success Story is a great example of many people working together to make good things happen.

Maxwell “Max” Swan was referred to us by his father who encouraged Max to explore his career options by interviewing with staffing firms. Max’s father wisely knew that the right staffing firm could open up doors for his son who was just beginning his professional career.

When we met Max, he was attending Lake Washington Institute of Technology and pursing an Electronics Technician certificate. Max did a great job in his interview of communicating what he had learned in his program, what type of work he was interested in pursuing and what he could provide to a potential employer. Natalija Colic, Staffing Supervisor in our Kirkland branch office, initially interviewed Max and she was so impressed by him that she introduced him to Joseph Narvaez, another Staffing Supervisor in her office.

Teamwork makes the dream work! Natalija Colic and Joseph Narvaez celebrating another successful collaboration

“Natalija literally ran to my desk and told me I had to meet Max. She was so excited about Max and his background and his commitment to finding the right fit. Her enthusiasm about Max was contagious,” said Joseph.

Joseph spoke with Max via phone and after learning more about what Max’s background and career goals, he was certain he was the right fit for one of our clients. He called the HR Manager, Julie, at the client company and got her excited about Max.

“I’ve come to depend on Joseph’s recommendations. If he’s excited about someone, I’m excited about someone. Max’s success here has only increased my confidence in Joseph’s judgment,” said Julie.

Within a few short days, Max was working at this custom manufacturer of electro-magnetic components as a Quality Inspector. It’s a perfect fit for Max’s education, training and career goals.

Julie says Max has fit in quickly, learned rapidly and has been very flexible including changing his work schedule to accommodate their production needs.

It’s clear that Max takes a lot of pride in his work. Max gave us a tour of his work space and showed us the parts he’s testing and the tools he uses to make sure that those parts will perform successfully.

Max Swan uses a variety of cool technical tools in his job including the Voltech AT3600

Max says TERRA was a great fit for him, too. He likes the fact that TERRA is local and says he’s found the TERRA team to be more friendly and more flexible than other staffing firms.

“I really appreciate Joseph keeping in touch with me. He’s done a really good job of keeping me informed and letting me know that I was succeeding. It’s been really helpful to know that we’re all on the same page,” said Max.

Max Swan with Joseph Narvaez, Staffing Supervisor

Joseph says he’s really enjoyed working with Max and feels grateful to have been able to play a role in his Success Story.

The best part of many people working together is that we can all share in the joy that comes from another Success Story!


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