My New Job and Schedule Allow Me to Spend More Time with My Girls

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 17, 2020

Image of Lateisha Creal, TERRA Success StoryLateisha Creal was working the night shift for a large distribution company… and it was taking a toll on her.      

The job wasn’t the issue. The problem was the schedule.

You see, after working overnight, she was coming home to take care of her two young daughters. She was exhausted.

“I was miserable. The shift didn’t work with the needs of my family, and it was such a big company that it would take forever for me to get my schedule switched,” Lateisha said. 

She knew she needed to find something else. 

“Normally, I wouldn’t quit a job. But I couldn’t wait for a different shift,” she said. 

It was time to begin searching for a new one. Since Lateisha had worked with TERRA Staffing a few years ago, she decided to reach out to them again.

“I was open to a lot of different work,” she stated. “But I really wanted a position where I could grow with the company.”

She called the Scottsdale branch office and connected with Recruiter Lauren Daily, who was recruiting for a shipping and receiving position.

“Lateisha was very welcoming and friendly and she had the perfect experience for the position,” Lauren shared. “I thought she would both enjoy and be a fit for the role.”

Lateisha started just two days after talking with Lauren. And she’s still loving it!

“The people and atmosphere are great!” she exclaimed. “It’s a small company that I can grow with. Plus, I am getting better pay. And I now have a schedule that allows me to spend more time with my daughters.”

There’s more great news! Lateisha was hired as full-time employee a month earlier than expected AND has been promoted to a lead position!

She has this advice for anyone else that’s feeling stuck in their current job:

“Don’t give up! There really is something out there for everyone, where you can make a real difference and grow with a company.”

Congratulations, Lateisha! We’re so glad we were able to help you find a better fit and that your new job allows you more time to spend with your family. 

How TERRA Can Help You

If you’re looking for a job with a schedule that meets your, or your family’s needs, consider partnering with TERRA. 

We can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in many locations. Our expert recruiting team is waiting to speak with you!

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