3 Reasons Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Hire

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 15, 2018

The summer is one of the best times to focus on hiring.

While managers at competing companies are planning their vacations, you can use this time as an opportunity to leverage your organization by attracting top talent and filling any skills gaps..

Still in doubt?

Here are 3 reasons to spend some time on hiring this summer:

1. Candidates have more time to consider companies.

Summer has a way of stretching out everyone’s time, and job candidates are no exception. Candidates who work for other companies find it easier to schedule personal time off to interview with potential next steps on their career paths. Families find it easier to juggle schedules so adults in the house can seek work.

When candidates can consider jobs and companies more carefully, they can find a better fit – which means better engagement and productivity for their new employer.

2. College grads are looking for work.

The summer after college graduation is often “find a job” season for new college graduates. Companies that are prepared for hiring in the summer position themselves to have first pick of employees whose education is up to date and whose passion to prove themselves in undeniable.

College hiring centers, job fairs and other locations are great places to connect with young professionals. Your recruiter can help you understand how to appeal to college graduates.

3. To address seasonal rushes or shortages before they become a crisis.

Is fall a rush season for you? Do you always find yourself short-handed in winter? If the colder months represent an uptick of work for any reason, summer is the time to create a strategy that will allow you to access the talent you need when you need it.

Start by contacting your recruiting firm during the summer months. Explain your problem to your recruiter and talk about ways to address it. For instance, your recruiter may recommend you hire now, or you prepare materials to seek contract or temporary staff to address a seasonal rush.

How TERRA Can Help

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters can help you connect with the top candidates you need this summer.

Find one our branches today to learn more about our recruiting services.

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