TERRA Helped Me Find Long-Term Work When I Needed It Most

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on August 14, 2019

TERRA Success Story Dawn Wyatt with TERRA On-Site Supervisor Teresa McGowan
(L-R) Dawn Wyatt with On-Site Supervisor Teresa McGowan

Dawn Wyatt was used to working temporary jobs. She’d done everything from working at a theme park to production work.

These jobs were always enough for her. Until, one day, she decided she wanted more.

“I’d been working oddball jobs for a few years, but I got to the point where I wanted to buy a house and have a new car,” Dawn shared. “And I knew a long-term job would help get me there.”

She and her husband had started the process of buying a house, and their lender indicated they would like to see more consistent work on her resume.

So, she began her mission and started looking for a long-term role.

“I was really open to anything,” Dawn said. “I have a lot of different kinds of experience, and just needed something long-term.”

As luck would have it, Dawn had already worked some temporary projects through TERRA Staffing Group’s Tukwila branch before. And because TERRA offices work together to help job seekers find employment, she could contact, and be contacted by, recruiters from any branch.

So, it was great timing when she received a text message from TERRA’s Tacoma office. On-Site Supervisor Teresa McGowan was looking to see if anyone was interested in long-term work.

Dawn was quick to respond.

Teresa was recruiting for an assembler position, which, as it turns out, is something Dawn had experience in. She and Teresa had a phone call to discuss the opportunity.

“Teresa told me that there are lots of different tasks I could be doing at the job,” Dawn said. “And, the pay and the hours worked perfect!”

It was obvious Dawn would be a great fit, and, shortly after their phone call, Dawn started the job.

“I knew Dawn was trying to buy a house, so I made sure to let the company know that she’s a good worker, and motivated to get hired on,” Teresa said.

Whenever Teresa checked in with Dawn’s supervisors, they’d have great things to say.

“They’d repeatedly tell me she has a great attitude, volunteers to work overtime, and really cares about the products going out the door,” Teresa said. “There was never one negative comment from a supervisor about Dawn – which speaks volumes about her work.”

Here’s the best part. The job was a temp-to-hire opportunity, which usually means that people get hired on by the employer after a trial period of about 90 work days. Dawn, however, was hired on as a long-term employee with the company in only 45 work days!

“Everything worked out just in time,” Dawn shared. “We found a house we wanted to buy, and instead of having to settle for something just because it’s long-term, I got a job I love.”

She added, “It was so exciting to get the job. I’m still very happy here, I love that there’s so much variety, and enjoy all my co-workers.”

And we have more great news! Not only was Dawn able to buy her house – she has two new cars as well!

“If it wasn’t for TERRA Staffing Group, I wouldn’t be able to have the things I have now. I know a lot of people look down on temp work, but I’ve hand nothing but good experiences with TERRA. I’m really proud to say that TERRA Staffing played a big part in my successes,” she shared.

Dawn also has some advice for current job seekers:

“Don’t give up. Always keep striving and working toward your dreams, because they come true.”

Congratulations, Dawn, we’re so happy we were able to help you achieve your goal!

How TERRA Can Help You

If you’re in need of a long-term position, consider partnering with TERRA.

We can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in many locations. Our expert recruiting team is waiting to speak with you!

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