I Spent 5 Months Looking For Work — TERRA Found Me a Job in 2 Days

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 1, 2021

Image of Deborah Mitchell, TERRA Success Story, who was placed in a job she lovesAfter working in a Bellingham hardware store for 15 years, Deborah Mitchell decided it was time for a change. So in June of 2020, she relocated to Tacoma. 

“When I got the opportunity to move down to Tacoma, I jumped on it. I moved in with friends and helped out with housework as well as taking care of the kids in exchange for rent.” 

For Deborah, this was close to an ideal situation. She was excited to be in Tacoma and living with her friends. But things weren’t exactly perfect. 

She explained, “I had no income coming in. And I did help support my son who has physical issues. So I needed a position ” 

Without delay, Deborah started looking for a job. 

While she had extensive retail experience, she was hoping for work that would be less physically demanding.

She shared, “In my last role, I split my time pretty evenly between sitting in an office and walking around. But this time, I was looking for a desk job.” 

Unfortunately, after over five months searching for work, Deborah didn’t have any luck. 

She wasn’t certain why she wasn’t getting hired. She guessed, “maybe because I left my job to move, and maybe because of the pandemic, I was unemployed for quite a while.”

At that point, Deborah felt quite dejected. She really needed to find something — and fast. 

Still, she persevered and kept applying to jobs. Eventually, that led her to TERRA’s Tacoma team. 

“I applied for a position on Indeed and someone got back to me right away to schedule an interview.” 

Deborah felt like her luck was finally starting to turn. She was excited about this job, and started to gain hope. 

Unfortunately, by the time she was able to come for an interview, the position she’d applied for had been filled. 

She remained optimistic that TERRA could help her with her job search. 

She connected with Recruiter Robert Bowman, and immediately impressed him. 

He exclaimed, “I really enjoyed how professional but personable she was in the interview process. I liked her experience across the board and felt she would be an asset to TERRA. We just needed to find her the right role.” 

Lo and behold, Robert did find Deborah the right role…just two days later! 

He explained, “When one of our clients let us know they needed an office assistant, I instantly thought of Deborah. I felt she would be a success in this position, and that our client would benefit from her expertise. I called her immediately.” 

Fortunately, his client also believed Deborah was the right person for the job, because they offered her the job almost immediately. 

Robert recalled, “They loved her willingness to jump in and learn new tasks, as well as her positive attitude.” 

Deborah was simply ecstatic! She loves her new company.

“This is exactly what I was looking for,” she exclaimed. “The work is fairly straightforward and I can see the progress I’ve made. There’s a sense of completion at the end of every day. 

The hours are wonderful too and I get overtime when things pick up. And my employer pays me for all my breaks. 

And compared to my last job, the environment is much more diverse. I get to meet and talk to all kinds of different people every day! 

It’s such a great company. The management here is so supportive. I realized the other day that I’ve been told that I’m doing a good job more times here than in 15 years at my old job.

I’m a lot happier now.” 

Looking for a change and thinking about searching for a new opportunity? Here’s Deborah’s advice: 

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. And remember you’re worth attempt something new. This is a great time to break out of what you’ve been doing and try what you want to do.” 

Congratulations Deborah! We wish you continued success and are so glad we could play a part in your story.

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