My New Job Offers More Pay and Great Benefits

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on April 14, 2023

Photo of Raider CruzKnowing what you want out of a job, being aware of what you bring to the table and having the courage to advocate for yourself are key to having a fulfilling and satisfying career.

Raider Cruz is a great example.

He was dissatisfied with his previous roles and upon reflection he realized what he was missing for him in the workplace: excitement. 

I kept getting bored with every role I worked because they were all too simple and easy. I needed something that challenged me.

He decided to take action. 

Raider reached out to TERRA’s Tacoma team, who quickly found him a Production Associate job with a metal supplier. Because of his eagerness to learn and grow his skills, he was trained to become a Mill Operator. 

Though it was a great learning experience, it didn’t end up being a long-term fit. Raider’s skill set had grown and he was looking for a job that offered higher pay.

So he reached back out to the TERRA Tacoma team and let them know what he was looking for next. 

A couple weeks after I got back in touch with TERRA, Alex Palmer, Recruiter, called me about this Machine Operator job with an aerospace company that paid $5 per hour more than I was making. The position sounded great and I gave him the resume that my sister had helped me spruce up. She’s a lawyer and is better at writing about my skills and experience than I am.

And I think that’s what made me stand out to this company because I got a call right away that they wanted to interview me. I reread my resume and was like, ‘Oh no, they think I’m an astronaut.’

But I had nothing to worry about—the interview went well! The manager asked me about my specialties and skill sets when it comes to operating a mill, and was impressed by my answers. I was dialed in and confident. 

And I got the job! 

On top of more money, I have great benefits. And the best part about the job is the energy here. 

We’re a small crew. Everyone is straightforward and gets along. We work together as a team and we have to hit 3 goals a day. I like setting goals and beating the last goal I set for myself. It helps me stay motivated. 

Plus I work a condensed schedule on the swing shift now, which is perfect for me because that means I get to spend more time with my wife. 

So, if you want a better job but are hesitant to start looking, remember that you are your own enemy. Never doubt yourself or your skills and abilities. 

Photo of Raider Cruz and TERRA Recruiter, Alex Palmer
(L-R) Raider and Tacoma Recruiter Alex Palmer

Alex Palmer, Raider’s Recruiter, also had some words to share about his experience with Raider:

“Raider showed exceptional work ethic and drive to want to find a home. That’s why I connected with him so well. I’m so happy we were able to find him a job where he feels valued and can be successful.”

Congratulations, Raider!

We’re so proud to be part of your journey and have no doubt you’ll accomplish anything you’re determined to achieve. We wish you continued success! 

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